The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 26

“Who are you? How are you qualified to ask me to do a favor for you?”
Edgar looked at Alex with a disgruntled look. He flashed an angry smile and said, “Is she yours? Very well, I’ll teach her a lesson in front of you. Are you going to just stand there and watch? Who is your patron? I’m really interested to know him!”
“Hold him down!” Edgar said to the security guards.
At this moment, Dr. Cheryl’s classmates were entertained to see how Alex dug his own grave.
Dr. Cheryl was unable to fend for herself while being publicly insulted. Even Benjamin was forced to keep quiet.
“You’ll regret this!” Alex said angrily.
“Damn, this guy is still acting tough! I can’t stand the sight of him, he’s obnoxious. Hurry up and take him down!” said Edgar.
Manager Ramsay answered Edgar’s orders instantly. He didn’t bother to look at Alex’s expression. He was asking for trouble.
Dr. Cheryl was scared to death. She was worried that Alex couldn’t handle so many of them. Furthermore, these people worked for Thousand Miles Conglomerate, which was known to be the king of the underworld in California! No one would ever dare to mess with them.
They were brutal and aggressive. Whoever got beaten up by these people would be dead meat. Even Dr. Cheryl’s grandfather who was the best doctor in California couldn’t save him.
Just then, Alex threw out a black card, “Look. Do you recognize this?”
“A credit card? Are you trying to bribe me with money? How dare you insult me in my territory!” The manager mocked. He glanced at the card and swiped it off Alex’s hand. As the card fell on the ground, Manager Ramsay’s smile was gone and his eyes were frozen, “This is…”
He picked the card up hurriedly and examined it carefully.
He held the card in his trembling hands and asked, “From where did you get this Supreme VIP Card of Thousand Miles Conglomerate?”
At that moment, the security guards were about to rush upon Alex to take him down.
Manager Ramsay stopped them, “Stop! Hold your horses!”
The crowd was shocked.
Benjamin and the rest were extremely surprised. They couldn’t believe that this trash had a Supreme VIP Card of Thousand Miles Conglomerate.
It’s said that this card was a memento from Lord Lex Gunther. Whoever possessed this card should be treated the same as how they would treat Lord Lex Gunther.
They couldn’t believe Alex had anything to do with Lord Lex Gunther.
Edgar panicked. If the card really belonged to Alex, he would be in hot soup for what he had done to Dr. Cheryl a while ago! He couldn’t accept it.
Edgar said, “Ramsay, are you certain that this Supreme VIP Card of Thousand Miles Conglomerate is genuine? It’s not a fake?”
Manager Ramsay wasn’t sure about it.
Alex said, “You can give Lord Lex a call to confirm this.”
Manager Ramsay dared not call up Lord Lex. Instead, he made a phone call to the main person in charge of Urasawa Restaurant, who was also an executive of Thousand Miles Conglomerate. Since he couldn’t confirm the authenticity of this card, the person that he was about to call could confirm it.
Soon, a middle-aged man hurried over. He didn’t bother to look at the card. As he saw Alex, his face changed instantly. He walked up to Alex and made a full ninety-degree bow. Then, he said respectfully, “Master Alex!”
Everyone was so shocked.
Especially Benjamin. His heart was beating like a wild animal trying to escape his chest.
When he recalled what he had done to Alex throughout the dinner, he suddenly felt that he was lucky enough to still be alive.
He had seen this person in charge of Urasawa Restaurant once. Even his father paid respect to this man. If he had offended this man, his family would be in big trouble!
But this man, whom many respected, bowed down to Alex and addressed him as a master!
“I’m Bernard, the person in charge of Urasawa Restaurant. Your wish is my command,” said Bernard.
Bernard was at Hell’s Angels that night, so he knew about Alex’s identity. Therefore, he addressed Alex as master sincerely.
Alex said, “They suspect that my card is fake. Please confirm its authenticity!”
Bernard looked up and scowled at Manager Ramsay. He gave Ramsay a hard slap.
“How can you not recognize the Supreme VIP card of Thousand Miles Conglomerate! You’re not qualified to be the manager of Urasawa Restaurant! You’re fired, get out of here!”


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