The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 28

“No, I didn’t. I never promised him. You’re my husband!” cried Dorothy.
Alex said, “Do you think that I’m blind? I witnessed it!”
Dorothy said, “I… I didn’t, I didn’t mean to do that. I’m sorry, honey. Where are you? I want to see you. Let me explain and apologize to you. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t believe Spark. You can punish me or hit me. Please, let’s meet up.”
When Alex heard Dorothy pleading so desperately on the phone, his anger subsided.
But he gave it another thought.
‘Oh, crap! When Lord Lex put on a show at the Ass*xes, he addressed me as Master Alex. Does it mean that my identity has been exposed? The Ass*x family are bloodsuckers, they certainly want me to go back. Then, they will want my help to re-sign the billion-dollar contract with Thousand Miles Conglomerate. D*mn those fools, go to hell!’ he thought in his mind.
Then, he asked, “Did you come to apologize because you were told to do so by Madame Joanne?”
Dorothy said immediately, “No, I want to apologize. Honey, have you already forgotten what kind of person I am? I was worried sick when you didn’t answer my call. Tell me where you are now! You can make me do anything when we meet.”
Alex sighed and told her his location.
Then, he called Lord Lex.
“Master! Where are you? I’ve tried to reach you but couldn’t get through! Are you alright?” Lord Lex worriedly asked, “I blame myself for my negligence, I didn’t know that you had to endure all these bullshit in the Ass*x’s residence.”
Alex said, “It’s alright! Well, the misunderstandings had been resolved. My wife asked me to return. But now that the Ass*xes are aware of our relationship, they will force me to get back the billion-dollar contract from you. If I’d call you, you must not agree to it.”
Lord Lex said, “Should I burn the company down instead?”
Alex shook his head. “No need.”
Then they discussed the details and hung up.
Twenty minutes later.
Dorothy arrived in a car.
“Honey!” Dorothy shouted.
Dorothy came out of the car. She was in a panic and regret. She hugged Alex tightly and said, “Honey, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have doubted you. You can punish me as you please!”
Alex slapped her hard on her back.
Dorothy said with a cry, “Did you just hit me?”
Alex said coldly, “Did you think that I was joking? Who told you not to believe me? What’s worse, you agreed to Spark’s proposal. Were you seriously considering leaving me? Don’t you deserve that hit?”
Dorothy felt bad and said, “I’m sorry honey. I was wrong. I was confused. I don’t know what I was doing. I was disappointed when I thought that you lied to me, that’s why I agreed to Spark’s proposal as revenge. I’m sorry, you can hit me a little bit harder, don’t feel bad about it!”
Alex was frozen.
All his rage was gone after hearing what she said.
Alex embraced their hug, felt warm, and whispered, “Forget it, you were just caught in the moment. It was Spark, that shameless asshole, that planned this fraud with Madame Joanne.”
Then, he hugged her tightly and said, “Dorothy, you seem to have gained weight.”
“Have I?”
Dorothy blushed, and she tried to push away her husband, but eventually, she held back.
They were back in the Ass*x’s villa.
They didn’t expect to come back to a group of people gathering there.
Madame Joanne, Benny Ass*x, Anderson Ass*x, Emma Ass*x, and many more of the Ass*x family were in the living room, restlessly and anxiously waiting for Alex’s return.
They were all present because they knew that they had offended Lord Lex of Thousand Miles Conglomerate. A single word from Lord Lex could destroy the Ass*x family instantly.


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