The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 29

However, the opposite could also be said. Anyone who got on the good side of Thousand Miles Conglomerate would flourish.
As Alex appeared, Madame Joanne was the first person to greet him. Contrary to her previous behavior, Madame Joanne was smiling from ear to ear. It was as if she’s another person.
She took Alex by his hand and said, “Alex, it was all my fault. I was wrong to judge you so quickly; it was my mistake. This was all caused by Spark and Bill! We were all deceived by their words!”
Standing behind her, Benny Ass*x, Anderson Ass*x and other members of the Ass*x family were all smiling apologetically.
Alex said in a nonchalant voice, “Since it is a misunderstanding, then it’s no big deal. I am going to bed as I’m feeling tired.”
Madame Joanne hurriedly said, “Please hold! Just now Lord Lex tore up the billion-dollar contract that was promised to us. What is the relationship between you and Lord Lex? Could you give him a call and ask him to sign the contract again?”
Anderson Ass*x said, “Yes, it seems that Lord Lex thinks very highly of you. Why don’t you explain the situation to him? Forget the billion-dollars contract, if he’s willing to help our Ass*x family, we could really become a first-rate business family in California!”
Anderson’s words had Madame Joanne’s face lighting up. “Right! I also heard that Lord Lex has several godsons. Our Ass*x family also has several granddaughters who are yet to marry. You should mention it to Lord Lex! Maybe the Ass*x family and the Gunther family can become in-laws!”
Alex was speechless. The members of the Ass*x family were truly shameless.
He pretended to smile and replied, “Lord Lex and I barely know each other. He owed my father a favor. When I went to look for him, he promised to return the favor to me.”
“What?” Madame Joanne asked. “It was just a favor?”
The Ass*xes were disappointed after hearing what Alex had said.
Once the favor had been returned, they would have nothing left to gain from Thousand Miles Conglomerate.
Madame Joanne was restless and said, “Since it is a favor, he should honor his words! Alex, try to call Lord Lex to explain that everything was Spark’s fault. Please ask him to agree to the contract again.”
Alex nodded and made the phone call. He also deliberately turned on the loudspeaker, so that everyone could hear what was being said. When the call was connected, Alex immediately tried to explain the matter to Lord Lex. After which Alex asked, “Lord Lex, could you please re-sign the contract?”
Lord Lex answered, “Alex my boy, I went through the trouble of attending Ass*x Constructions’ anniversary banquet. I consider the favor I owed to your father repaid. As for the contract that was ripped to pieces, the Ass*x family only have themselves to blame. Do you think they deserve the contract? Those people are willing to sell their daughters for it. Do not bother to contact me again, or I shall eradicate the Ass*x family.”
This of course was a ploy planned by Alex and Lord Lex.
The faces of all members of the Ass*x family turned pale when they heard what Lord Lex had said. Madame Joanne signaled to Alex to stop his conversation. If the conversation was allowed to continue, it could spell the doom of the Ass*x family.
After Alex hung up the phone, all members of the Ass*x Family kicked themselves repeatedly in remorse.
“Oh my god!” Madame Joanne gasped. “Just like that, the billion-dollar contract is gone! Our golden ticket to have a meteoric rise is gone. It is all Spark and Bill’s fault!”
Madame Joanne’s expression was the worst, her face was furiously looking at Alex. She’s nothing more than a two-faced snake. Just a moment ago, she was all smiles. She pointed at Alex and yelled, “You useless piece of trash! Why didn’t you tell us that Lord Lex was returning your father’s favor? If you told us earlier, we would have known Spark and Bill were lying! Such a golden opportunity for the Ass*x family was lost and it’s all your fault!”
Lady Emma chimed in, “Yes, he’s the one who tore the contract first! He really is a piece of garbage. It was a golden opportunity, but he decided to act all cool and nonchalant about it.”
Dorothy said angrily, “That’s enough, if it weren’t for you all meeting up with Spark and Bill, none of this would have happened. How could you place the blame on my husband? He’s the one who’s trying to help the family.”
Lady Emma sneered, “Aren’t you the same? You even agreed to Spark’s marriage proposal!”
Dorothy was angry and embarrassed.
The members of the Ass*x family left one by one, all cussing Alex and their misfortune. Although the billion-dollar contract from Thousand Miles Conglomerate had been cancelled, at least Lord Lex would not come after them.
After Madame Joanne had left, Madame Claire immediately pointed at Alex and said, “Are you as dumb as a rock? Lord Lex owes your father a favor and you used it for Ass*x Constructions? Why didn’t you use it for us, for your family?”
Madame Claire was aggrieved. Lord Lex’s gifts were almost in their clutches but it’s all gone now.
Alex was not feeling angry at all but felt at ease.
Alex thought, ‘I’m rich but I won’t tell you! I will not give you a single cent!’
Dorothy said, “Mom, don’t you bring up this matter again. Alex could have brought us riches, but we did not appreciate it.”
Madame Claire’s expression turned sour, “If he had kept the nine million dollars gift from Lord Lex, I would not be this mad at him! Why not just marry Spark? At least he is the young director of Rockefeller Group. Unlike this useless piece of trash!”
Dorothy’s face also turned sour. “Mom, don’t you ever mention the name of that disgusting animal ever again, or you will never see me again. He set up such a deceitful scheme for me to step in, yet you are still thinking about him? Am I really your daughter?”
“Alright, alright!” Madame Claire finally stopped talking about Spark, “I won’t mention that person again. About the Love in a Fallen City necklace, was it the real thing?”
Alex shook his head. “It was real.”
Madame Claire and her daughters jumped out of their seats as they heard what Alex had said.


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