The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 3

Alex was shocked. Ten billion dollars? Who would pull this kind of prank?
Rockefeller Group was formidable in its heyday, with a market value of three hundred billion, but most of them were fixed assets. From what he knew, even his father did not have ten billion dollars cash in the bank. But more importantly, the old man claimed that he worked for William Rockefeller. “You said that you work for my father? That means that Thousand Miles Conglomerate…”
Lord Lex nodded and said, “Yes, the entire Thousand Miles Conglomerate is yours, Master Alex.”
Alex slapped himself across the face.
Lord Lex said in surprise, “Master Alex, what are you doing?”
Alex replied, “I think I might be dreaming.”
Lord Lex said, “This is all true. Your father, Mr. William Rockefeller, saved my life. If it weren’t for him, I would have been dead by now. Back then, it was Mr. Rockefeller who built Thousand Miles Conglomerate. He then put me in charge of it.”
“Huh?” Alex was dumbfounded, he still thought that it was just a dream.
Thousand Miles Conglomerate was out of Rockefeller Group’s league. It was rumored to have trillions of dollars in assets, and it even had a huge influence in the underground world.
Alex thought to himself, ‘My father created such a behemoth? Yet I have never heard of it?’
Lord Lex spoke again, “Mr. Rockefeller was a genius, not long after he founded Rockefeller Group, he also built Thousand Miles Conglomerate. One for the light and the other in the shadows to complement each other! Besides that, Mr. Rockefeller asked me to give this to you.”
With that being said, he took out a small antique box and handed it to Alex.
With a perplexed look on his face, Alex replied, “When did my father give it to you? Why are you only handing this over to me now?”
Lord Lex said, “Today is your twenty-fourth birthday. This is a birthday gift from your father. A year ago, Mr. Rockefeller had it arranged. Happy birthday, Master Alex!”
Alex was dumbfounded.
Lord Lex sighed and continued, “Master Alex, your mother is in a dire situation right now. As for me, it is not convenient for me to come forward and help. You should hurry! If you need anything, just give a call. The number that I showed you just now is my personal phone number. I will always be on the line for you, master.”
Lord Lex had a weary look on his face. After he was done speaking, he got into the Rolls Royce and left the scene.
Alex was still in shock as if it was all a dream.
The ATM card in his left hand and the small antique box in the right looked extremely real to him.
As luck would have it, there was an ATM machine right next to him. Alex rushed over, inserted the card, and entered the PIN. The balance showed $10,000,000,000—10 billion dollars!
While looking at all the zeros, Alex’s jaw dropped. He then opened up the antique box and found a pitch-black ring inside. “Why did Dad give this to me?” Alex questioned. He tried it on and it fit right on his finger.
Now that he had the money, Alex rushed to the hospital. The most urgent business to take care of was to pay for his mother’s surgery immediately. Her condition would be much better once the surgery was done.
Alex’s mother, Madame Brittany was hospitalized here and had been in a coma since the traffic accident. The doctors pronounced her as brain dead and said that the chances of her ever waking up was only 5%.
As Alex walked into the familiar hospital ward, he saw that it was empty. His mother was not in the bed. Where could she have gone? He quickly ran out of the ward and bumped into a familiar someone.
“Hey, are you crazy, are you blind? Oh, it’s you. The famous piece of trash. Are you here to take advantage of me by bumping into me on purpose? Is it because you can’t touch your own wife at home? Well good news, you used to look down on me, but now you don’t even deserve me!”
A woman dressed in a nurse’s uniform loudly exclaimed. Her name was Chloe, an acquaintance of Alex’s. Back in his college days, Alex had dated Chloe for a month. He had then discovered that Chloe was a gold digger and was flirting with many others behind his back and broke up with her.
“Where is my mother? Where has she gone?” Alex asked with urgency in his tone as he had no time to waste with her.
Chloe smiled and said, “Haha, you should ask yourself that. You can’t even look after your own mother. You are useless. Do you only know how to beg for money from your wife and mother-in-law like a dog?”
Alex grabbed Chloe by the collar and yelled, “I’m asking you again, where is my mother? Where did you bring her to? You are the nurse on duty here, how can you not know?”
Seeing him shouting with rage, Chloe was frightened. She replied, “There… She’s right over there.”
Alex looked at where Chloe pointed and there was a hospital bed in the aisle, and the person lying on the bed was his mother, Madame Brittany.
“Mom!” Alex let go of Chloe and ran over with his eyes turning red. Who was the one responsible for treating his mother like a piece of garbage?
Alex was furious, “Chloe, did you do this?”
Chloe remembered that this was the hospital she worked at, why should she be afraid of him? He was the one who should be afraid of her! She snorted coldly, “So what if it was me? You are the one who is poor, can’t afford to pay her bills. This is a private hospital. Do you think we are running a charity? If you can’t afford it, the only option is to leave! What are you still doing here? You are not special. If you have the money, then pay up! If you can’t afford it, I’m sorry but to tell you that you need to get your mother out of the hospital now!” Chloe looked at Alex with disdain.
Then she sneered, “Hey, how about this? Go back to grovel at your mother-in-law and kneel down to your wife and beg them a few more times, maybe they will change their minds and give you some money. But that nasty woman Dorothy Ass*x might only give you a hundred dollars. If you kneel and beg me, I will pay for your mother’s hospital bed.”
A woman’s voice could be heard saying, “Even if he kneels to me every day at home, he would never kneel to you for money.”
Alex turned his head.
He was shocked to see that it was Dorothy.


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