The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 30

Beatrice’s eyes immediately widened. “Did you really buy a necklace that costs thirty million dollars? How much money did you receive from Lord Lex?”
Madame Claire was also curious.
Alex shrugged. “I don’t have much money. The necklace was a gift from Lord Lex. The wedding ring that I got back was free of charge too.”
Madame Claire loudly slapped her own thighs. “Oh my god! How could you hand the thirty million dollars necklace away? Are you an imbecile?”
Alex replied, “It was you who threw it away.”
Madame Claire remembered that she was the one who had thrown the necklace on the ground and deeply regretted it!
Beatrice said, “I remember that the woman who took the necklace was someone you know. She is… Dr. Cheryl, isn’t it? Can you please ask for the necklace back?”
Madame Claire’s eyes lit up. “Oh yes, we must get it back.”
Alex shook his head. He was too embarrassed to ask! He had just pretended to be Dr. Cheryl’s boyfriend. He’s even more embarrassed by the incident in the elevator. So, he decided to tell a lie, “I went to ask for it, but she thought it was just an imitation made of glass and gave it to a little girl.”
“Huh?” Dorothy’s jaw hit the floor.
Madame Claire felt hopeless. “My god, that is thirty million dollars’ worth of jewelry. Did you look for the little girl?”
Alex replied, “I went to look for her… But it has been days since she received it. The little girl is only five years old, she tossed it away and it was impossible for us to locate it.”
Madame Claire went berserk and almost couldn’t contain her urge to kill Alex.
Dorothy also felt a slight pinch in her heart as the necklace was worth thirty million dollars after all. However, she’s not as greedy as her mother. Dorothy said, “Since it’s lost, there’s nothing we can do about it.”
Then, she took Alex by his hand and led him upstairs.
Madame Claire was exasperated. “You are not allowed to go to the second floor with him.”
Dorothy said, “I’ll just have a few words with him.”
After entering the room, Alex was slightly taken aback. It was the first time he had ever stepped foot in Dorothy’s room since their marriage.
“Alex, don’t blame my mother. You know how she is money-centric; I do not want that necklace, I just want you… Forget it, don’t speak of it anymore.” Dorothy suddenly turned serious, “I’m going on a business trip tomorrow for an exhibition. I’ll be away for three or four days.”
Alex frowned. “Can’t you send someone else? You’re the boss.”
Dorothy stared at him indignantly. “I’m just the branch manager of a subsidiary company. I must handle almost all business matters on my own. As a man, don’t you think you should be helping me out?”
Alex replied, “My dear Dorothy, you can rest assured that I will definitely help you. Even though the billion-dollar deal with Thousand Miles Conglomerate has fallen apart, I’ll pull the strings to get you two or even three billion-dollar contracts.”
Dorothy frowned a little and gazed at Alex. “Why do I still feel like you are just spewing empty promises? You should be more down to earth and not be blinded by your confidence. The favor of Lord Lex is not given casually,” Dorothy said.


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