The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 31

Alex thought, ‘If you knew that I was the boss of Thousand Miles Conglomerate, you wouldn’t have said that.’
However, now wasn’t the time to reveal that yet.
Dorothy added, “I hope you take some time to think about what you even want to do in the future. You’re a full grown man and yet you’re doing nothing with your life! I know what you’re going to say, that you need to take care of your mom. But you can always hire a caretaker, can’t you? Just get a job, or you can work in my company.”
Alex was put in a difficult spot, as he didn’t want to leave his mother to caretakers.
However, under Dorothy’s glare, he nodded. “Okay, I’ll think about it.”
The next morning, Alex gave a ride to Dorothy to the airport in her car.
She met up with a few colleagues there as they were going to attend an exhibition in Block City.
Alex then drove back home.
On the way home, he received a call. It was from Cheryl. “Alex, you need to come to the hospital now. It’s about your mother.”
Alex gasped, “What happened to mom?”
Cheryl replied seriously, “We’ll talk when you arrive.”
Alex could feel his chest tightening. He immediately rushed to the hospital as fast as he could.
Alex realized that Brittany’s condition was worsening. He didn’t need an explanation from Cheryl as the life support monitor showed her vital signs. Plus he had seen many cases of vegetative states in the past. He knew his mother was in the last hours of her life.
This was the worst possible ending for them, and Alex felt helpless.
She was like an extinguishing candlelight—no one was able to change her fate.
“Mom—” Alex cried aloud, as tears poured down like a storm. He wrapped his arms around Brittany’s body, shaking it vigorously. “Mom, wake up. Don’t go, please don’t go…”
Like a child, he cried and cried until his voice went hoarse.
Cheryl pitied Alex. She placed her hand on his shoulder and said, “Alex, we’ve done all that we could. But I’m afraid we are still not able to save her. I’m really sorry. She has… an hour at most.”
Alex could hear his heart shattering.
He stood up and grabbed Cheryl by the arm, still crying. “Dr. Cheryl, isn’t your grandfather the best doctor in California? Can’t he save my mom? Please call your grandfather over, please hurry!”
However, Cheryl shook her head. “My grandpa did come by earlier. But he… couldn’t help either.”
“Ahhhh—” Alex howled in anguish, pulling onto his hair and hitting himself on the head repeatedly.
Cheryl immediately stepped in. “Alex, get a hold of yourself.”
Alex turned around and hugged Cheryl tightly. Her shoulder was damp from his tears. Cheryl could empathize with his pain. So, she wrapped her arms around him, comforting him.
Suddenly, Claire walked into the ward.
Seeing Alex and Cheryl hugging each other, Claire could feel her blood boiling. She rushed over to them and slapped both Alex and Cheryl hard across the face.
She then glared at Cheryl and scolded, “Well isn’t this just great? I caught you bastards red-handed this time! I can’t believe you would do this in the ward! Have you no shame? Rockefeller, my daughter just boarded the plane not long ago and you’re already cheating on her? Why don’t you just kill yourself!!”


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