The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 324

The moment they stepped in, they caught sight of the big swimming pool, the beautiful
courtyard, and the uniquely styled house. The villa was also filled with luxurious
decoration and majestic furniture all around. Throughout the renovation, Charles had
spent a lot of effort decorating the interior. Even the furniture had been shipped from
The group was stunned as they took a look around. Adrianna whipped out her phone,
making a comparison to the pictures and videos inside that Josh had given them before,
and she immediately laughed. “I knew it. The decoration here is completely different
from the one we bought. It must be the wrong address. Ours is not No. 8.”
Dorothy took a look and said, “It really is different.
It’s decorated in two completely
different styles. Could it be the wrong house number? Then, what number was it that
you bought, Aunt?”
“You could try asking the security guards,” Alex said. The two guards were standing at
the door, and when they heard the call, they trotted in immediately.
As soon as they saw the pictures, one of them slapped his thigh. “I remember now.
These are the pictures of the show house when Maple Villa was first launched. Once all
the villas were sold out, it was demolished, and an artificial lake was built at that spot.”
Beatrice exclaimed, “It’s true, it’s true. There are pictures of the same show house on
the internet, the exact same ones you have, Aunt.”
“Argh!!! ”
A loud shriek burt out. Adrianna couldn’t accept this reality, falling to the ground as she
passed out.
Three minutes later, she regained consciousness and wailed loudly on the ground.
Claire rolled her eyes, then toured around the villa with Dorothy, touching everything
that was in sight. Just great!
“This sofa is really comfortable to sit on. I don’t feel like getting up once I sit on it.” Claire
was in a revealing cheongsam, and when she sat on the sofa with her legs crossed, she
looked like a gorgeous noblewoman.
Dorothy’s eyes shrank when she caught sight of the label on its side. She turned to Claire with a complicated look on her face.
In a low voice, she said, “This is a Rolf Benz
sofa, Morn. A set like this costs millions.”
Claire jumped up as though her butt was on fire. “A sofa costing millions, are you
serious? Is it made of gold?!”
As a result of her actions, she accidentally knocked over a vase on the side.
It smashed loudly and shattered into pieces. It was a vase that looked very high end
“That’s a Swarovski crystal vase, mom.
One of those costs three hundred thousand
dollars! How could you be so careless?”
“Huh? What kind of vase costs three hundred thousand dollars?” Mortified, she couldn’t
afford to compensate if she needed to.
Alex walked over, then looked at Dorothy. “You seem to be very familiar with these
things. It’s not good for girls to be too obsessed with luxury items. They won’t do you
any good.”
Dorothy stiffened. “How am I considered as obsessed? It’s actually one of my
classmates, and she always talks about it in front of me.
That’s why I could remember.”
Alex nodded, casually telling Claire, “Isn’t it just a vase? If it’s broken, then it’s broken.”
Claire rolled her eyes, scoffing, “Right, right. All of these things here also belong to
Dorothy. Doesn’t that also mean it belongs to me too? So what if I break my own
things? That’s right.
Move this sofa back home for me later, since the one back home
happens to be broken.”
Alex and Dorothy were both dumbfounded the moment they heard this.
At that moment, Hailey, dressed in a white dress, waltzed in. “Little brother, you’re
When Alex caught sight of Hailey, he tensed up immediately and couldn‘t help but glare
at her stomach.


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