The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 325

“There are so many people here today!” said Hailey with a smile on her face.
The white dress she wore gave her a mature and virtuous look, and she was only older
than Alex by two years. She was also a rich young woman who ran a beauty salon and
knew how to upkeep herself well. If she deliberately dressed up as a college student, no
one would even bat an eye at it.
“Who is she?” Claire asked as she frowned, thinking that the woman in front of her
looked familiar.
“It’s Charles’s wife, Charles from Waylon Realty,”
Dorothy whispered in Claire’s ears before stepping forward to greet the woman.
Her construction materials company had gotten the favor of a big shot such as Charles,
so it was only natural to build a good relationship.
She stepped forward, smiling. “Sister Hailey, allow me to introduce my mother to you,
and this is my Aunt…”
Hailey obviously knew who Claire was. The last time they had gone to the Ass*x family
residence to look for Alex, she had witnessed her spiteful attitude with her own eyes.
Later on, she heard about the conflict between the two families from Brittany. Thus, she
didn’t have the slightest affection for these people. If it weren’t for Alex’s sake, she
wouldn’t have given the slightest face to Dorothy.
Her beautiful eyes swept past the room, letting out a soft hum as she returned the
“Sister Dorothy, I would like to borrow your husband. Could you lend him to me
for the day?”
Claire frowned at Hailey’s ambiguity.
Dorothy however, remained completely unaffected. She smiled and said, “Go ahead,
you can have him as long as you want.”
Hailey giggled. “Really, you won’t be secretly jealous, right?”
“Sister Hailey, you’re really funny… How could I? Even if l don’t trust him, I definitely
trust you!”
“Alright, then I’m taking him! Don’t worry. I just need him to help me with a favor.”
Having said that, she looked at the Ass*x sisters and added, “Feel free to roam about,
but… Don’t go upstairs.
My godmother doesn’t like people invading her personal space.
If anything goes missing… Well, I can’t say for sure what will happen.”
Hearing her words, Claire and everyone else flinched, their expressions turning sour.
Dorothy laughed bitterly. She knew about the conflict between her own mother and her
mother-in-law, so of course, Hailey would also be made known.
Dorothy was also well
aware of what kind of person her mother was, but Claire was still her biological mother,
and she didn’t have any choice when it came to that.
Alex handed the key over to Dorothy before bidding his goodbyes, then left the villa with
The moment they left, Beatrice jumped into a fit. She had been in an awful mood since
the beginning.
“What was that? Treating us like we’re some thieves? If anything goes missing?”
“Who was that vixen? Borrowing a man in public… How shameless could she get?!
Dorothy, you have to buck up. Don’t wait until your husband becomes a piece of meat to
be thrown to the dogs. Being borrowed like this, he won’t be returned one day!”
“Did you listen to how she spoke?
She completely considered herself the master of this
house. Dorothy, you’re the rightful owner!”
Dorothy shook her head. “Aunt, this house originally belonged to her. She’s my
mother-in-law’s goddaughter.”
Adrianna was taken aback, then started laughing loudly. “So it turns out that it’s not
even your own house, sister.
I’m afraid that this is just a brief but empty bout of joy for
you. If you move this sofa, you’d be considered a thief.”
Claire’s heart sank dramatically.
Sternly, she roared, “What’s so funny that you’re laughing? Don’t you want your two
million dollars?
Why aren’t you hurrying to look for it?”
Alex walked behind Hailey, watching her hips sway. His thoughts flew back to that
particular morning.
‘Bah! Why am I thinking about that?!’
Alex cursed himself, suppressing all those thoughts in his mind. Instead, he asked,
“Sister Hailey, what did you need help with?
Oh, right, where’s Charles and Zoey? I
haven’t seen them the entire day.”
“Charles has gone to the Imperial Capital on a business trip, and Zoey has gone to her
grandmother’s house by the countryside. My parents missed her.”
Alex was surprised.
“Your hometown is in the country?”
“What, you have something against country folk? Who weren’t farmers three
generations ago?”
“No, whatI meant was, based on the way you carry yourself, one can’t possibly tell that
you’re a country girl.”


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