The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 326

Hailey Lawson turned her head around and almost hit Alex Rockefeller. Raising her
chin, she asked, “What do you mean by
With his heart thumping, Alex hurriedly took a step back. “You have the elegance and
grace of a city girl.”
“I was the belle of the village back then!”
She flipped her hair and turned back.
Hailey had called upon him to give her mother-in-law a treat.
She wasn’t always the healthiest, and her condition had worsened recently, with her
appetite and sleep badly affected. As days went by, she started hallucinating. The
doctors had run out of ideas.
Even James Coney came, but her condition kept
Out of desperation, Hailey went to Alex for help.
They got some stuff from Nine Villa before departing. About half an hour later, they
arrived at Golden Manor, an upscale neighborhood.
It was much more expensive than Maple Villa and was one of the more sought-after
residential areas in California.
Located just steps away was Sunset Lake, one of
California’s most popular tourist attractions.
Peaceful, tranquility, and with plenty of fresh air to boot, it was the perfect living
community for society’s upper class. Found among its residents were multi-millionaires,
retired ministers, or even superstar celebrities.
It was also the ideal location for senior
citizens to enjoy retirement.
With that, it was not unexpected to find Charles Carter’s parents among its residents.
Alex knew that he would surpass everyone living in this neighborhood one day. He did
not have money or power, but what he possessed were his own talents and powerful
healing abilities.
“Hey, what are you thinking?” Hailey parked the car and noticed Alex’s blank
expression. “This is not the first time I see you distracted today. What are you thinking
about? Are you worried that I might become pregnant?”
Shocked, Alex looked at her with his eyes wide open.
“Gosh, this is funny!”
Hailey chuckled. Immediately after, she lowered her voice and said
in a more serious tone, “Don’t worry, I’ll get an abortion if it’s true.”
“Hailey, are you sure we didn’t…”
She held her gaze for half a minute. After seeing his worried expression, she blurted, “I
was just messing around with you! Wait a minute, are you telling me that you have not
done it with Dorothy yet?”
“We are almost there,” Alex breathed a sigh of relief.
“Gosh, are you kidding me? Do you want me to teach you the ways…”
“Damn it. Someone’s here.”
It was her father-in-law-Zack Carter, a petite old man with a bald spot on the top of his
Hailey’s expression changed instantly upon seeing him. To which Alex saw it as
disgust and fear.
Out of the corner of his eye, Alex saw Zack’s hungry gaze checking Hailey out.
He was shocked.


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