The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 327

He immediately understood why Hailey Lawson reacted so negatively upon seeing Zack
Carter. Chances were, she knew what kind of person the old man was.
Alex Rockefeller felt his temper rising.
But immediately, his attention was fixated on a black bracelet worn by the old man on
his wrist.
A wisp of energy, invisible to the naked eye, emanated from the bracelet and shrouded
the old man.
‘What is it?’
Alex squinted and found that the energy came from one of the beads in the bracelet.
Even more surprising was how it stimulated the Force in his body.
A thought burst into his mind, he had to have it!
Whatever the consequence!
Of course, Alex was no criminal, not to mention that he couldn’t possibly do it to Charles
Carter’s father. He quickly suppressed his urge using all his willpower.
‘Who is he?’
Zack looked at Alex with animosity and even a little jealousy in his eyes.
Using his Third Eye, Alex recognized Zack’s jealousy, suspicious that his daughter-inlaw was cheating on his son with him.
“Father, he is one of Charles’ buddies and an amazing doctor. Even James Coney had
nothing but high praise. I invited him to check on mother’s condition,” Hailey began
introducing Alex.
“Oh…” Zack nodded at Alex in greeting.
He wasn’t too keen nor against the doctor’s visit. Instead, his thirsty gaze was once
again fixated on Hailey.
Alex realized that Zack was looking at Hailey’s exposed dress collar as she bent
forward to retrieve her belongings from the trunk of the car.
Crap! He needed to do something!
I cannot believe this.’ Alex strutted forward and pulled Hailey aside. “Let me get it for
you. It’s heavy, isn’t it?”
“Thank you so much.” Zack immediately removed his gaze as Hailey straightened her
back. He put on a kind demeanor and said, “You must be tired after all the driving. Why
don’t you come in and have some watermelon!”
He had even prepared a pair of indoor slippers, intending to put them on Hailey himself
when she entered. His eyes were riveted to her exposed calves.
‘Why does Charles have such a jerk for a father?’ Alex became livid, seeing all these
tuifolding right in front of his eyes. Did Charles realize that his father was a pervert,
lusting after his son’s wife?
As Zack went into the kitchen to get the watermelon, Alex whispered in Hailey’s ears.
“Your father-in-law…”
“You noticed?” Hailey looked at him with resentment on her face.
Alex sighed. Everybody had their own demons to fight, it seemed.


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