The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 328

“Does Charles know of this?”
“Without any evidence, what can I say?”
Soon after, Zack Carter came out holding a plate of sliced watermelon.
Alex Rockefeller
quickly suggested that they should check on the patient instead since he refused to
consume food prepared by the old pervert.
As for Zack, he wanted this man to leave as soon as possible. It did not matter to him if
his wife was cured.
After all, she lived an old age and would interfere with his search for
a young bride if she was still alive.
Happily agreeing to Alex’s request, he brought them over to where his sick wife was.
She was lying on the bed when they came to her bedroom on the second floor. Of a
small frame, she had evidently been pretty back in her younger days.
Alex was shocked
to find out what had happened to the old lady.
A ghostly aura could be seen shrouding her body, just like what happened to Hailey
Lawson. That explained everything. She must have caught it from her mother-in-law
She wasn’t sick but was possessed by a demon!
Not only that, it had begun to take shape.
“Alex, how is my mother-in-law? Is she going to be okay?” asked Hailey.
Before he could reply, a woman’s voice boomed from outside the bedroom “I am back,
A woman in her twenties, one that resembled Charles Carter a little, came
barging in.
Following right behind her was a man with a doctor’s bag.
The woman was Charles’ sister, Nancy Carter.
“Hailey Lawson, fancy seeing you here!” Nancy called Hailey by her full name
sarcastically as she walked in and looked on threateningly. She then shoved Alex out of
the way and said, “Who are you?
Get out of my way!”
Alex was annoyed, deciding not to proceed with what he wanted to speak about earlier.
“Nancy Carter, he is the doctor I invited to check on mother’s condition. Can you at least
show us some respect?” Hailey lamented in an irritated tone.
“He’s a doctor?”
Nancy laughed and turned her attention back onto Alex.
Looking at him with disdain and contempt, she said, “Are you sure? He looks awfully
similar to a conman to me.”
“Watch what you speak, Nancy Carter! Doctor Rockefeller is your brother’s buddy, and
he’s personally invited him over to see how Mom is doing. If you insist on disrespecting
Doctor Rockefeller, I cannot protect you from the consequences!”
“Hmph! All you do is threaten me with my brother!”
Nancy pointed to the man standing behind her and said, “Let me introduce you to
Doctor Jim Sabinsky here. Do you know who he is? He is the Imperial Doctor, Wallace
Yoke’s student. Well, my good sir, do you know who Wallace Yoke is?”
Alex looked at the man and thought how inconvenient it was for him to meet the
annoying old man’s disciple.
“Of course!” Alex nodded.
Jim raised his eyebrow and replied, “Why don’t you get out of here then?
I don’t want
your interference while I treat my patient later. You know, I can get you imprisoned with
just a phone call for being a conman. Now, shoo!”
Alex sneered and said, “Even your mentor will think twice before speaking to me like
that. Who are you to judge?”


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