The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 329

“What did you just say? Who are you to disrespect Doctor Yoke, America’s Imperial
Doctor, like that!”
Jim Sabinsky’s face turned beet red in rage. He could not accept any form of disrespect
directed at his mentor. “You are done for. I am calling the police now!
You need to be put
in jail so you’d learn not to cheat and con innocent citizens.”
Even Hailey Lawson could not stop him from dialing up the authorities.
Shaking his head, Alex took out his phone and punched in a number.
Before Jim could tell the operator on the other end of the line of his issue, Alex handed
him his cell phone and said, “Your mentor wants to speak to you.”
“Wait a minute.”
Jim looked at him in bewilderment. Surely, it wasn’t his mentor on the line? How could
he, America’s Imperial Doctor, recklessly reveal his phone number to a stranger?
Alex turned on the speaker mode, and Wallace Yoke’s angry voice quickly came
through. “Jim Sabinsky, you fool!
Did you do anything to Mr. Rockefeller? Get on your
knees and apologize now! He is an amazing doctor, and even I pay my respects to him.
I am coming right now! If I don’t see you on your knees when I arrive, that will be the
end of our relationship!”
Everyone in the room heard Wallace’s thunderous outburst from the phone, while Jim
was at a loss for words.
When did Wallace ever lose his temper? Why did he treat Alex with so much reverence
and respect? Yet, he could not figure out Alex’s identity even after racking his brain.
When did America produce such a young and prodigious doctor?
Nancy was dumbfounded too.
She put in tremendous effort, asking for favors, all just to
secure Jim’s help.
Who would’ve thought Hailey would one up her with a much more powerful character?
It was the right choice, Hailey thought, getting Alex to come. She had nothing but praise
for Alex and realized now that she had totally underestimated him.
Wallace was considered the best medical practitioner in the country, but even he
acknowledged that he was nowhere near Alex’s level. That could only mean one thing,
Alex’s presence was godlike.
“Jim Sabinsky! Did you kneel?” Wallace yelled.
Jim instantly dropped onto his knees and cried, “I’m mistaken, master, please!”
His face was twisted in resentment, unable to believe the fact that Alex was a doctor
and a much better one than Wallace.
“Hang on, Mr. Rockefeller, I will be there in an instant! Whatever you do, don’t treat the
patient yet. Please, wait for me!” pleaded Wallace.
He wanted to see Alex’s magic in action.
Alex looked at Jim and replied, “Sure, I will be waiting.”
Wallace arrived half an hour later.
While waiting for him, Alex asked Jim to get back on his feet, but Jim, fearing the
consequences that would entail, refused.
The old doctor immediately slapped his young student on the face when he arrived.
Alex waved his hand and said, “It’s all right. He did not really do anything bad toward
me. Plus, he has been kneeling for half an hour. I think that’s enough. Get up.”
Jim was in the clear for now.
Extremely interested in different treatments and healing methods, Wallace wanted to
witness Alex’s skills in action, the reason why he came over as quickly as he could.
Alex pointed at the old lady lying on the bed and said, “Why don’t you check her out,
Doctor Yoke?”
Immediately Wallace grabbed the old lady’s wrist and checked her pulse. Just as
quickly, he put it down.
“Her hands are cold to the touch. Is she dead?” he blurted out.
Alex shook his head. “She is still alive but not for long if we let her be.”


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