The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 33

Holy sh*t!
Alex explored his mind—it literally felt like a book, the pages flipping on its own as the vast amount of information rearranged and presented themselves: Traditional medicine, witch doctors, voodoo, charms, even medicinal martial arts. Everything came to him just a blink of an eye, engulfing his thoughts.
Alex’s body relaxed as he felt the warm energy course through his body.
“Alex, Alex?” Cheryl’s voice rang in Alex’s ears, snapping him back into reality.
He blinked. “Huh? Dr. Coney, where am I? Where’s Mom?”
Cheryl replied, “Alex, you just fainted…”
Just then, a nurse rushed over. “Dr. Coney, the patient Brittany Rockefeller has stopped breathing…”
The lot rushed towards Brittany’s ward.
Alex saw his mother lying still in the bed, her face as pale as a sheet and the ECG in a straight line. A doctor approached them, shaking her head.
“Mom! Oh Mom…” Alex cried loudly as he rushed to Brittany’s bedside.
However, a bundle of information flashed through his mind: the vein of the brain was clogged by a blood clot; the stomach and the spleen were weakening; the lungs and heart had temporarily stopped functioning; all four limbs didn’t have enough blood flow, hence causing unconsciousness.
She was in a state of suspended animation.
He could still save her with the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell!
Alex had no idea how he knew any of this information, as if he was some medic expert. He could just identify everything with one look.
‘Oh right, the Ultimate Book of Medicine!
‘The book I had just received, it was to save others with this knowledge!
‘Does it really work?’
However, Alex knew that he had to give it a try.
“Get out! All of you!
“I can still save my mom, I have to! Get out!”
Everyone was very taken aback by his sudden change in attitude.
“Just leave him be, let him send his mother off!” Cheryl spoke up with a stern expression.
This situation reminded her of her own mother—she had left this world as well. Cheryl was still very young then, yet she had to experience the pain of losing her mother first-hand. She would never forget how it shattered her heart.
With Cheryl standing up for him, everyone left the ward.
Alex was glad that it was a single ward as well.
He closed his eyes as he stood next to the bed.
His mind was filled with information from the Ultimate Book of Medicine. The Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell was one of the treatments included in the book, and quite a legendary acupuncture method.
“Mom can be saved!
“I’ll be able to wake her up immediately too!”
Alex mumbled to himself as he came to a conclusion.
It was amazing, simply unbelievable.
Alex was sure that he was right.
However, without silver needles, how could he perform it?
All the acupuncture methods in the book didn’t require silver needles. Silver needles were at the lowest rank out of all the needles he could use. Most of the methods required Chi or electricity, or he could transform his Chi into a flow of electricity.
With the Chi from his ancestor, he would be able to achieve this.
With a small thud, Alex poked his index finger onto Brittany’s temple.
He could feel his Chi flowing out of his finger, slowly forming into small flows of electricity.
‘It is true, this is all true. Mom can be saved,’ Alex thought. He was extremely excited as he carefully moved to the next acupuncture point.
The middle of the top of her skull.
Then, under her belly button.
Cheryl was still standing in front of the ward, worried about Alex. She looked into the window of the ward, checking up on him without thinking. However, she was shocked by what she saw.
She rushed into the ward, “Alex, what are you doing? Stop!”
Alex yelled, “Don’t come near me, I’m saving my mom!”
He was now speeding up his pace as he poked into a few other vital acupuncture points on Brittany.
Cheryl was speechless.
‘If he really could save his mother, he would be a god,’ she thought.
Cheryl took a deep sigh.
‘Fine, I’ll let him do his thing!’
Cheryl decided to stand aside and watch him. Alex was now pressing hard in the middle of Brittany’s chest.
With that, the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell was completed.
He just had to wait till she woke up.
“Mom, you have to wake up, you have to!” Alex closed his eyes and prayed.
Just as he said that, a light beep echoed through the ward.
Cheryl was startled and looked towards the monitor that was monitoring Brittany’s heart rate. The ECG was just a straight line just a while ago, and yet her heart was now beating again.
“How… how could this be?”


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