The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 331

To kill the little demon on the spot, all he needed was the Thunder Palm Mantra.
Alex Rockefeller changed his mind after seeing the insignia since he wanted to find out
who was behind the old lady’s possession.
He muttered an incantation to immobilize the little demon and used a red thread found
in the bedroom and tied it up into a knot. Also known as a Red Shackle, it was an
extremely effective move to encase supernatural beings.
It was a bizarre sight for Wallace Yoke and Jim Sabinsky, as the little demon, as tall as a
four year old kid, shrunk rapidly and vanished into a tiny red knot.
Alex then fastened the knot on his belt.
Both the mentor and his mentee were shocked.
“You… Captured the… The demon?” Jim stammered and looked at Alex in awe.
Alex nodded. “I will deal with it later.”
In actual fact, he wanted to look for the little demon’s owner after nightfall.
Wallace suddenly looked at Alex with a twinkle in his eyes and eagerly asked, “Mr.
Rockefeller, are you perhaps the apostle of Dazzle, the Spirit Doctor?”
Jim quickly asked, “Who is Dazzle?”
“Traditional medicine, profound and all encompassing, has a history going back
thousands of years.
Within its vast realm lies several disciplines, one of which is
Medicine Doctor, widely practiced by medical practitioners nationwide, including us, not
forgetting the rest, Wraith Doctor, Beast Doctor, Witch Doctor, and the ever mysterious
Spirit Doctor.”
“Your master was known as the Human Hades, but only the apostles of Dazzle, the
Spirit Doctor, can actually raise the dead.”
Jim had never heard of such a thing and was shocked to learn of them.
“You are a walking encyclopedia, Doctor Yoke!” Alex smiled.
Wallace shook his head and laughed in a self deprecating manner. “I just happened to
live a little longer and have seen a little more things.
Yet, I am nowhere near you in
terms of healing abilities.”
Alex realized what Wallace meant.
As the most reputable and prestigious doctor in the nation, his title of the Imperial
Doctor attracted plenty of patients.
However, since patients with regular illnesses and
diseases need not trouble him, most that came were inflicted with difficult, and in some
cases, untreatable ailments.
Such as the old lady right here.
Obviously, he had seen supernatural happenings before, but those were way out of his
realm of expertise.
Eventually, a shaman or a clairvoyant had to be called upon to
perform exorcisms. However, they were still no match for the rumored Dazzle.
Suddenly, Wallace dropped onto his knees and bowed to Alex.
Jim jumped up in shock. “What are you doing, master?!”
Ignoring him, Wallace said in reverence, “It is my absolute honor to meet you, oh
Immortal Doctor!”
Alex, too was taken by surprise.
“You don’t have to do this, Doctor Yoke!” He quickly said as he helped Wallace onto his
Jim was unconvinced. “That’s right, master. So what if he is an apostle of Dazzle? You
are the Imperial Doctor. What did he do that you stooped so low?”
Wallace sent his hand flying, giving Jim a good hard slap on the face.
“You insolent fool! The apostle of Dazzle, the Witch Doctor, is the king of traditional
medicine, also known as the Immortal Doctor.
The Immortal Doctor can never be
disrespected. Consider yourself lucky that I only gave you a slap!”
Jim clutched his face and looked on in horror.


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