The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 332

Alex Rockefeller shook his head and smiled. “Doctor Yoke, these are nothing but
obsolete facts now. I met an expert from Switzerland yesterday claiming that our
traditional medicine is a joke and cannot be compared to the Korean art of healing.”
“Lies! Lies! They derived their knowledge from our expertise.
How dare they claim to be
the better of the two?” Wallace York exclaimed in anger.
Jim Sabinsky chimed in, “They actually applied for heritage status too and claimed that
our knowledge originated from them.”
“Damn! What a load of nonsense!”
Riled up, Wallace was about to give Jim the boot.
It was a shocking sight to see Wallace, an elderly man, cursing and swearing in a
sudden outburst.
“It has been centuries since we saw the existence of Dazzle’ s apostles. Now that you
are here, we need everyone to know of the arrival of one of Dazzle’s apostles!”
continued, “And as a follower of the Witch Doctor, I pay my respects to the Immortal
And he lowered his body to kneel once again.
Taken aback by surprise, Alex hurriedly said, “Please hold it, Mr. Yoke! I am only a
young man, and by calling myself the Immortal Doctor, I risk attracting unwanted
attention and derision.
As a doctor, my calling is to save and heal the people. I do not
want any titles nor accolades.”
Wallace thought for a moment and sighed.
Alex was right.
It was too early to reveal his capabilities. Yet, he believed the day to do
so was near.
“Anyway, let us check on the old lady,” said Alex.
Upon the removal of the little demon, the old lady’s condition stabilized as the drain on
her life force stopped.
The damage, however, was done, and she was still in a critical
and weakened state.
With Alex’s Chi, he could only do so much. The old lady needed medicinal aid until she
was nursed back to health.
“Why don’t you prepare a prescription for the old lady, Jim? Let me see if you have
improved,” said Wallace.
“Sure!” Jim quickly stole a glance at Alex.
He was very confident in his abilities as a doctor. No matter how great Alex was, he was
only a man in his twenties. The comprehension of traditional medicine could only come
via experience and time, particularly the knowledge in prescriptions.
Jim would be thirty-one this year and had dabbled in the trade since he was a young
It had been fifteen years since he started studying under Wallace.
Therefore, he was convinced that Alex could not match his prowess in prescribing
After racking his brain to come up with a prescription, Jim gave it to Wallace. The old
man frowned slightly and removed the medication before handing it over to Alex.
‘Don’t tell me he knows how to prescribe traditional medicine and can do better than the
Immediately, Alex pulled out his pen and scribbled something on the piece of paper.
When Jim saw the prescription, he immediately felt a deep sense of satisfaction.
Just like solving a mathematical problem, one could spend a long time racking one’s
brain only to get stuck in the end.
Yet, if a hint was given, the solution would
immediately present itself.
That was exactly how Jim felt. He was now convinced of Alex’s abilities and had nothing
but absolute respect for the younger man.
After that, both Wallace and Jim left, while Hailey Lawson remained in the house to care
for the old lady.
Alex left the villa but did not go far.
He found the presence controlling the little demon coming out of another villa two
hundred meters away.
As darkness dawned upon them, he entered the compound
Climbing up to the second floor, he peeped into the window and almost missed a step.
For he saw a young lady doing yoga, dressed in form fitting clothes that accentuated
her perfect figure.
A stunning woman with flawless facial features… She was… Wait a minute… She was
Zendaya, one of the most famous celebrities right now!
As Alex’s gaze fixated on her, an angry voice came from below. “Who are you? Get
down now!”


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