The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 333

Too engrossed with the sight, Alex Rockefeller did not realize that others had arrived.
He looked down and saw three women, all dressed in black.
Their expressions were definitely filled with anger as they glared at him. More
importantly, these women were fighters, with the strongest one of Advanced-Royal rank.
The other two were of Intermediate-Royal rank, at the very least.
“Oh my! I wonder why Zendaya needed such powerful people to be her bodyguards?”
Just as a confused Alex tried to make sense of the situation, Zendaya, who overheard
the commotion, leaped from her lying position on the yoga mat. She looked around and
saw Alex right outside her window.
She was shocked, but Alex quickly discovered that
she had indeed something to do with the little demon.
‘Weird. What could’ve happened between a popular celebrity like her and an old lady?’
Seeing Alex’s inaction and his continuous staring into the window, the women below
became enraged.
The Advanced-Royal ranked one stomped her feet, and leaped up.
She stepped on the walls and thrust herself upward, attempting to grab Alex by his
In turn, Alex grunted and jumped off the window.
The instance he landed, the rest of the women surrounded him with tasers in their
The other woman quickly jumped down and did a front flip before landing
gracefully on the ground.
“Hmph, how dare you sneak a peek on Lady Zendaya?” She looked at him furiously as
if she wanted to tear him up alive.
After all, being Zendaya’s personal bodyguards, they were responsible for her safety
and privacy. It would be their fault now that someone was able to break in and threaten
her safety.
With a taser baton in her hand, she charged toward Alex.
“Stop it!” Zendaya yelled, walking out of the villa with a coat on.
Even though she had
stopped her bodyguards from harming Alex, she still looked at him with intense disdain
and loathing.
“I am so sorry, my lady, it was our fault that he managed to enter the compound. Did he
see anything?” asked Advanced-Royal ranked woman.
It was perfectly reasonable that Zendaya was outraged at what just happened.
After all,
a peeping tom had seen everything. What if he took pictures and posted them on the
internet? That would be the end of her career.
“Hmph!” She grunted. “Delete all the pictures he took from his phone!”
“You heard that?”
The female bodyguard hit him with her taser. “Give me your phone
now, or I will break your leg!”
Alex stood still, perplexed for a moment, before realizing that Zendaya must have
considered him paparazzi. He shook his head and said, “Miss Zendaya, I did not take
any pictures of you.”
Zendaya looked at him coldly.
She despised paparazzi the most, where they invaded her privacy and spread
unfounded rumors. Just a while ago, a bunch of paparazzi captured pictures of her
having dinner with a male friend. Quickly publishing the pictures, they wrote that she
was partying in the hotel instead.


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