The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 334

Even though the paparazzi apologized publicly after that, the damage had been done.
Zendaya had to deal with the repercussions of negative press and a dwindling
The female bodyguard snickered. “Every paparazzi we caught said the same thing. Do
you think we will believe you?
If you do not cooperate on a count of three, do not blame
us for what will come.”
Alex Rockefeller shook his head.
“Three! Get him!”
Another bodyguard jammed the baton onto Alex’s arm. This wasn’t the first time it
happened; Zendaya’s immense fame had attracted quite a few unscrupulous
Yet, it was the same outcome. One taste of the taser was all that was needed to teach
these stalkers a lesson they would never forget.
A moment passed, and instantly she felt something was amiss, Alex seemed not to be
affected by the taser. She tried a few more times, but nothing changed.
“This can’t be, I charged it just this morning!” she muttered under her breath.
“Why don’t you find it out yourself?” Alex said calmly and grabbed the baton off her
hand before striking her with it.
“Arghhh!!!” The female bodyguard screamed in pain as her body trembled
The other two returned to their senses, quickly realizing that Alex wasn’t a regular
One of them threw a punch at Alex while calling out to Zendaya, “Run! My lady, run!”
Zendaya opened her eyes wide in shock, only to see Alex calmly intercepting the punch
from her bodyguard.
Autumn was her name, and being of Advanced-Royal rank, Zendaya knew just how
powerful she was. Yet, Alex did not seem at all troubled by her blows and attacks.
Evidently, he was the stronger one among the two.
Alex manipulated his Chi, and immediately, Autumn was forced to take a few steps
back. An immense force was inflicted onto her tendons and ligaments, and with the
ensuing pain, her arm became immobilized.
The other bodyguard did not even get to join the fight as she was sent flying by Alex’s
“Run, my lady! Run!” they screamed.
Finally, Zendaya snapped out of her stupor and turned around to flee.
Unfortunately, she stepped on a baton lying on the ground and, with a shriek, collapsed
like a matchstick in the wind.
“Where are you trying to run to, Miss Zendaya?” Alex stooped down and looked at the
It was a rather interesting situation for him to be in, being in such close contact with a
beautiful lady seen only on television.
Getting on her feet, Autumn charged toward Alex yet again.
This time, Alex smacked her right on the chest. The next thing she knew, she was
hurling through the air, crashing on the ground 12 meters away. She spat out blood in
Zendaya twisted her ankle, and through tears of pain, she looked at Alex. “Who are
“I am not paparazzi,” he replied.
“She is the daughter of Michigan’s Stoermer family. Do not forget what will befall you
and your loved ones if you touch her.”
“Stoermer family of Michigan?”
Alex was a little surprised.
Just as Autumn thought that Alex would be terrified of the name Stoermer, he shook his
head. “Nah, I have never heard of them. Are they famous? What would you do if I did
touch her?” he said, instantly extendng his hand toward Zendaya.


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