The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 335

The women screamed in horror.
A refined maiden, Zendaya never had any intimate interactions with the opposite s*x.
Even her hands were off limits to pretty much most people.
Alex Rockefeller’s actions were horrendous, to say the least.
If the fans knew about it, she was done for.
Zendaya was terrified. She lay on the ground frozen as she watched Alex’s hand reach
forward to touch her body.
Alex grabbed onto a jade necklace and yanked it free from her neck.
‘Hold on. He only wanted the necklace?’
Zendaya could not wrap her head around Alex’s actions. He kept staring at the jade
necklace without any further action. She was puzzled but dared say nothing in case she
provoked him again.
“Who would’ve thought that the famous Zendaya, a professional songstress, would
excel equally well in raising demons?”
Alex quickly shoved the necklace into his pocket.
“What happened between you and Carter’s old lady?” he asked.
Zendaya instantly fumed upon Alex’s question. “You came for the pervert?”
Meanwhile, Autumn’s face spelled fully of disgust.
“I have no respect for you, a fighter
who willingly became the subordinate of that shameless jerk!”
“I am not anyone’s subordinate, especially not the Carters,” Alex frowned.
“Look at you trying to wiggle your way out of your misdeeds! Why did you come then?
To peek on my lady just like he did? You men are all the same!” retorted Autumn.
“I did not come for Zack Carter, but his wife. Zendaya, what exactly did you do to Mrs.
Alex said calmly.
Zendaya shook her head. “I don’t know a Mrs. Carter.”
“The jade necklace is the best evidence here. You used the little demon to hurt Mrs.
Carter, almost ending her life. Nobody would’ve known, right? Unfortunately, I did!” Alex
sneered. “Are you trying to tell me that this jade necklace was a mere accidental find
moments ago?”
Zendaya stared at the necklace in shock “Are you saying I harmed Mrs. Carter with the
necklace? I think you’ve been mistaken. I do not know Mrs. Carter, and I do not know
how to rear demons. This necklace was a gift given to me by my grandfather.”
Alex stared at her for a good three seconds before suddenly grabbing her wrist.
“Ahhh! What are you trying to do?”
Zendaya screamed, her eyes filled with terror.
Once he checked her pulse and her energy core, he quickly loosened his grasp.
Nonetheless, he could not find any malicious intent in her. Obviously, she was telling the
truth. It meant that the jade necklace was the culprit.
Alex removed the red knot from his belt and released the little demon.
It lost its reasoning, but Alex temporarily restored some sense into it to garner some
information. Of course, the jade necklace played a role.
Zendaya and her bodyguards looked at Alex like they were observing a lunatic, messing
around and talking to the air every few minutes. The truth had eventually unfolded itself.


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