The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 336

It turned out the little demon had nothing to do with the jade necklace.
It was the son of a construction worker. A few years ago, he came here with his mother
to visit his father, who was working on the construction of Golden Manor.
Unfortunately, he lost his life when he fell into a well. His soul had remained here ever
Some time ago, the soul stumbled upon Zack Carter and had become attracted to a
malicious aura emanating from his body. With the bracelet, the little demon could not
get too close to Zack, so instead, it went to the old lady.
“It was an accident!”
Alex finally cleared up the misunderstanding. He looked at Zendaya apologetically.
She stood up, frowning.
“I am so sorry, Miss Zendaya. It was all a misunderstanding. You did nothing to Mrs.
Carter, and oh, I am returning your necklace too.” Alex handed the jade necklace over
to Zendaya.
“Is that all?” Autumn was furious since she had received a few blows from Alex just
moments ago.
“Miss Zendaya twisted her ankle all thanks to you! She has a concert in
two days! What is she going to do, huh? What can you do?”
“Oh, a concert?”
Alex looked at her feet and noticed the swollen ankle. Indeed, it would affect her
performance under normal circumstances.
“I almost forgot to introduce myself, Miss Zendaya.
I, too, am a doctor.”
Under the skeptical eyes of the ladies, Alex bent down, lifted Zendaya’s injured leg, and
gently pressed the injured spot with his finger.
Zendaya was horrified. Her feet were one of her body’s most private and sensitive
spots, and she would never let an unknown man touch them. Blushing ferociously, she
struggled to break free but was met with no success.
“Let go of her, you jerk!” The female bodyguards were infuriated.
“What if I refuse? There is nothing you can do!” Alex said calmly and placed his palm on
Zendaya’s knee.
He pressed down and gently massaged her knee. The act made it seem like he was
trying to molest the celebrity.
Bellowing, Autumn landed a punch on Alex.
Alex, on the other hand, did not dodge with his body’s Chi protecting him from the blow.
Instead, Autumn was sent tumbling backward with numb arms and a pale face.
“How… How is this possible?” They looked on in astonishment.
Alex then released his hold on Zendaya’s leg.
“Your ankle is healed, and so are your
knees. As an apology, I fixed your chronic knee pain.”
Shocked, Zendaya walked around and did a jump. Weird! The shooting pain in her
ankle was gone, while the tingling discomfort in her knees was nowhere felt as well.
It was nothing short of a miracle.
Yet, she seemed unhappy, groaning, “I will not thank you. You were at fault for peeking
at me, hurting my bodyguards, and wrongly accusing me. You were obliged to do this.”
Alex replied, “You were innocent, but Mrs. Carter almost died thanks to your jade
necklace. I could sense the evil in it. For the sake of everyone’s safety, try not to wear it
It seemed to him that the jade necklace was a charm of sorts.
Previously, Zack had malicious intent toward Zendaya, causing the necklace to retaliate
by placing a malevolent aura on him.
Unfortunately, he had the bracelet on, one that
protected him from harm.
At that moment, Alex’s phone rang. Hailey Lawson was on the other end of the line.
Her frantic voice came through, as she yelled, “Save me, Alex! Zack Carter drugged


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