The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 337

“Oh my god!”
Alex Rockefeller found himself boiling in rage. He had never heard of something so
absurd and preposterous happeningin his life.
Hailey Lawson shrieked before she could even finish her sentence.
Zack Carter’s voice came over the line. “Heh. You feeling alright, Hailey?
Come here,
come to daddy…”
And then, the phone call abruptly ended.
‘Old b*stard!’
Knowing Hailey was in grave danger, Alex wasted not a second more. He slammed his
foot on the throttle and sped toward the Carter residence in his car.
The drug’s in Hailey’s body started taking effect. Her body warmed up, and she started
losing consciousness.
She got into the car and attempted to flee, but under her drugged consciousness, she
found it extremely difficult even to start the car. Moments later, she was yanked out by
“No, no! Stop it! I am Charles’s wife! You can’t do this! I beg you… please!”
Zack’s bloodshot eyes greedily skewered themselves into Hailey. He had also become
unusually strong.
Like a hungry predator who had its eyes set on its prey, Zack pushed Hailey onto the
ground and snickered, “I’ve always liked you, Hailey, ever since you married my son.”
Drooling profusely, he tried to rip the dress off Hailey’s body.
Hailey struggled hard, desperately trying to break free from Zack. Alas, he was right on
top of her.
That was it, she thought, that was the end. Even though she managed to call Alex, there
was nothing he could do, that was if he could arrive in time.
It was even worse for
Charles Carter, now miles away from her.
‘What’s there left for me to live if this old b*stard gets his way?’
Suddenly, a foot soared through the air and kicked Zack several meters away.
Alex had arrived in the nick of time!
He was infuriated but breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing that Hailey hadn’t yet been
defiled. Yet, her current state tugged on Alex’s heartstrings.
Zack got onto his feet and charged toward Alex.
“It was you! I knew it! I knew you and Hailey were having a fling! She is mine! Nobody
else can get her!”
“I will kill you!”
Zack came onto him like a frenzied beast.
Alex frowned, realizing that something wasn’t right. The kick he sent was unleashed in a
fury, and any ordinary person on the receiving end would have collapsed in an instant.
Yet Zack seemed unaffected.
‘Wait a minute. I think I know why!’
He saw right through the issue, considering how strangely Zack was behaving.
As Hailey’s father-in-law, an average person in his shoes would have fervently denied
their involvement and tried to cover things up. However, he kept shouting as if he
wanted everyone to know what he was trying to do.
Definitely not the normal response.

Something’s wrong, and I think it’s coming from the bracelet,” Alex finally noticed.
At the same time, Zack charged at him. His face was twisted in rage, and he sent a
punch flying at Alex’s face, a blow charged with unexplained energy.
Alex intercepted the blow with his fist.
After an explosion of energy, he felt an uncontained stream of energy flowing right up
his arm.


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