The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 338

He was knocked back!
Alex Rockefeller himself was shocked. With his current ability, not even a Mystic fighter
could easily defeat him.
As for Zack Carter, he was only a regular old man fortunate enough to possess the
mysterious bracelet, along with the energy it radiated.
And that was what knocked Alex
Fortunately, he had the Force’s healing Chi to thank, protecting his internal organs from
damage by springing into action upon impact..
After the first exchange, Zack was even more violent than before, charging at Alex
again with all cylinders firing.
Alex quickly activated Mystic Armor, shielding himself from Zack’s endless blows. By the
seventh punch, the Mystic Armor had been forcefully shattered, with Alex spitting out a
mouthful of blood.
The bracelet was too powerful. For the first time ever, Alex found himself in a dire
‘Screw it!’
Using the blood he spat, he forged a magical seal and launched it over Zack’s body.
As the seal closed in on Zack, Alex swiftly chanted the Thunder Palm Mantra.
The attacks broke the shield on Zack’s body as Alex yanked the bracelet away from
Without the bracelet’s protection, Zack got instantly knocked out by Alex.
Alex caught the mysterious bead in the bracelet as he sealed it with his blood.
He heaved a sigh of relief as he wiped the blood off the corners of his mouth.
Out of nowhere, Hailey Lawson lunged at Alex and wrapped her hand around his body,
sealing his lips with hers in a fiery outburst of lust.
Alex was caught by surprise, pushing her away almost instantly.
It was at that moment that he found himself almost losing control of his lust.
He hit Hailey on the neck and knocked her out.
Shoving her into the car, he was just about to leave the compound when he
remembered the presence of closed-circuit television cameras around the residence.
He would be unable to defend himself if Zack found the recordings and edited them
before sending them Charles Carter’s way.
He checked the recordings and found that the cameras had been turned-off by Zack. Of
course, he didn’t want them to capture what he was about to do to Hailey.
‘I wonder if he behaved this way because of the bracelet?’ Alex stole a glance at the
unconscious Zack and pulled him into the villa. He then left the place in Hailey’s car.
‘Where can I go now?’
‘Hmm, Dorothy has the keys to Maple Villa. I don’t think I should be heading there.’
‘A hotel?’
‘You know what, screw it. I’ll do it right here in the car.’
Alex found an isolated spot and parked the car. He climbed into the back seat and
quickly focused his Chi onto Hailey’s body, intending to cleanse the drug from her
system. Hailey suddenly woke up, pushing Alex down into the bench.


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