The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 339

The drug in Hailey Lawson’s body began to take effect as her face flushed a bright red.
She lost all reasoning and began muttering incoherently while tugging on her clothes, as
though she was trying to rip them apart.
Alex Rockefeller was taken entirely by surprise and heard a little voice in the back of his
mind urging him to take advantage of the assertive beauty.
But he wasn’t going to do it.
He bit his tongue and used the pain to jolt himself free from the shackles of lust while
shoving Hailey away, pinning her down onto the seat.
She laid halfway on the seat, gazing seductively at Alex. ‘What drug did she take
Alex was pissed at Zack Carter for doing something so immoral. Realizing that Hailey
was only going to be more obscene, Alex knocked her out, just in case he lost control.
He breathed a sigh of relief and began the procedure to cleanse her body.
Regrettably, Zack seemed to have fed Hailey too much of the aphrodisiac. It took Alex a
full half-hour to remove every last trace of the drug in her system.
It did not take too long before Hailey regained consciousness.
She felt strange upon waking up and was shocked to see Alex right next to her. “What
did you do to me!”
“Relax, Hailey, I only cleansed your body of the drug.” Alex shook his head.
Hailey burst into tears, wailing, “I cannot believe this is how you cleansed my body!
Look at what you’ve done. I can never live in peace anymore!”
She curled up and began to cry. She might’ve just misunderstood the situation.
Alex quickly explained, “Don’t worry, Hailey, Zack Carter did nothing to you!”
“But you did!” Hailey kicked him in the shin.
Alex was taken aback. “You are mistaken, Hailey. I did not do anything out of line! Look,
I recorded the process. Let me pull it for you.”
“Wait a minute. You captured everything on video?!”
Feeling even worse now, Hailey was completely mortified.
Fortunately, Alex thought ahead of proving his innocence by recording the cleansing
process. Otherwise, things would have been different.
After watching the video, Hailey breathed a long sigh of relief. She was indeed
She quickly patted Alex on the cheek and complained, “I can’t believe you
were able to keep yourself in line! Are you even a man?” After calming down, she began
to question her femininity and attractiveness.
Alex looked at her wide eyed. Were all women such ironic creatures?
After a half-hour long bath, Hailey came out of the shower in a rather short bathrobe,
exposing her pearly white calves for all to see. She wiped down her hair with a towel as
she walked into the living room.
Alex sat on the couch, fully immersing himself in a feast for his eyes.
It seemed that her title as the prettiest lady in the village was genuine.
No wonder Zack
fell head over heels for her.
“If there is no thing else, I will take my leave.” Alex felt unsafe in this situation, a
situation where anything could happen between a man and woman, all alone in a room.
“I thought you didn’t have the keys to your house?”
Hailey was back to her usual self as she took out a bottle of wine and two glasses from
the dresser.
“Why don’t we have a drink together?”


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