The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 34

Cheryl stared in disbelief.
She approached Brittany’s bedside and noticed her eyelids fluttering, slowly opening up.
Cheryl thought that she was hallucinating.
After snapping back to reality, she exclaimed excitedly, “Alex, Alex! Your mother woke up! She woke up!”
Alex opened his eyes immediately, overjoyed.
“Mom! Mom! You woke up!” Alex exclaimed, holding Brittany’s hand. His eyes turned red as he started to tear up.
It was real, the book was real.
Even his ancestor was real.
This was all thanks to his ancestor.
Cheryl was extremely excited and she started tearing up as well. She couldn’t believe that Brittany actually woke up. They had announced her death not long ago, yet she just woke up suddenly.
This was really a miracle in the medical field!
“Could it be that he really was trying to save her?” Cheryl murmured under her breath, staring at Alex with puzzled eyes.
Brittany actually woke up and turned to Alex. “Alex, where am I?”
Cheryl ran out of the ward to call her colleagues to form a medical team to give Brittany a full body check up.
Everything was fine with her now.
News quickly spread throughout the hospital, causing an uproar. One of their doctors had just announced Brittany’s time of death. However, in just a few minutes, someone saved her and she woke up from her coma.
Cheryl finally got the chance to ask Alex, “You were poking your mom in random spots a while ago, with nothing in hand to refer to. What was that? Were you really saving her?”
Alex smiled. “What do you mean poking randomly? That was the Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell.”
“What Thirteen Acupunctures of Hell?”
“Ah… well, I learned that online, it seemed to work on patients in vegetative states. I was panicking then, so I decided to try it out. But I didn’t think it would work!” Alex laughed nervously as he lied. He knew he shouldn’t reveal anything about the Ultimate Book of Medicine.
Frankly, he was very much confused as well.
Cheryl was speechless. How could he believe everything online?
Half an hour later, Alex and his mother were alone in the ward.
Brittany stared at Alex and asked, “Son, where’s your father?”
Alex’s expression turned grim. “Dad, he… passed away.”
Upon hearing that, Brittany hugged her son tightly and cried hysterically.
After calming down, Brittany whispered to Alex, “Son, you have to be careful of your third uncle.”
Alex was taken aback.
Brittany continued, “I suspect that it was your third uncle who caused the incident that happened to your father and I. I did some digging on the night before your wedding and found out that your third uncle betrayed our company—he reaped benefits by selling information.”
Alex could feel his blood boiling upon hearing this.
Alex’s father, William Rockefeller, was the head of the family. He had two younger brothers, Noah Rockefeller and John Rockefeller. He had a younger sister as well, Paige Rockefeller.
William had decided to take a chance and start a business with someone at the age of thirteen.
Twenty years later, he had single-handedly started Rockefeller Group.


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