The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 340

Alex Rockefeller was immediately reminded of the night where they found each other
sleeping together on the same bed, drunk. But then again, a glass of wine shouldn’t be
of any harm.
“What do you plan to do? Call the police on Zack Carter?” asked Alex.
“The police?” Hailey Lawson took a big gulp of wine and shook her head.
“If this goes
public, I will be blamed instead. He is nothing but an old pervert, insignificant and
Alex thought about it and nodded.
Unfortunately, a woman was in a more disadvantageous position in such matters.
Certain keyboard warriors with questionable morals might even fault Hailey, that she
had actually seduced her father-in-law.
“Relax, I know exactly what to do!”
Knowing that Hailey had her own plans, Alex probed no further into the topic.
He finished the wine and stood up. “Well then, see you!”
“Wait a minute! Why don’t you stay?”
She slumped provocatively onto the couch.
Alex gave her thigh a cheeky, hard slap.
“Nice joke you got there! Anyway, I’m leaving to see my wife.”
“I see… good luck and have fun!”
Alex did not meet Dorothy Ass*x. Instead, he gave her a call. It wasn’t the right time to
be seeing her, especially with Claire Ass*x incessantly hovering around.
“I will come tomorrow since it’s a weekend,” said Alex.
“Hold on. I have your keys here. Will you be able to enter the house?” Dorothy asked.
“Of course, I have a spare set.
Anyway, it is getting late. Good night!”
Alex did not actually have a spare set of keys. He was in a hurry when he left and hadn’t
the time to put an extra set in his pocket. But then again, with his abilities, getting into
the villa was nothing but a breeze.
Stepping into the cold shower, he washed away thoughts of Hailey, then cooked up a
good meal to end the day on a positive note.
While eating, he took out the head from Zack’s bracelet, looking at it intently.
There were no holes on the bead as it was covered in a thick shell, which also acted as
a chain to connect all the other beads in the bracelet.
Pinching it lightly, he broke the
shell, exposing the bead in its actual form.
It was hollow and of bright red color, enveloped by a mysterious energy. It prevented
Alex from getting a clearer look into the bead’s details.
He thought for a moment, then set down the cutlery before breaking the seal on the
bead. Instantly, energy rushed into his body, and his Chi was activated, catapulting it to
levels never felt before.
Alex was pleased. With the bead’s help, his understanding of the Force would increase
at great speed. He looked into the bead and found a magical scene, where golden runic
scriptures danced around before his eyes.
There was something else in the center, but he could not see what it was, however hard
he tried.
What he did not know was that the blanketing energy from the bead was magnifying a
desire in his mind.
The scene of Hailey acting up due to the effect of the aphrodisiac
kept playing in his head as his lust edged ever so close to the tipping point.
Without realizing it, he left his villa and went to Hailey’s


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