The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 341

Alex lifted his head and looked toward Hailey’s room. His eyes were blood-red, just like
Zack Carter from before.
At this very moment, it was as if he could see exactly what Hailey was doing in her room
and even feel her emotions. An expression of primitive carnal desire soon surfaced on
his face.
Meanwhile, Hailey, who was still in her room, had no idea that such grave danger was
approaching from downstairs.
Alex smirked, he was ready to jump up to the second floor and barge into Hailey’s room,
just so he could spend the night with her. Just then, a hidden weapon violently pierced
through air of the silent night, flying toward Alex’s chest.
Unguarded, Alex, whose mind was solely focused on Hailey, was instantly pierced by
the hidden weapon, it was a ninja star!
However, the ninja star only penetrated his skin for less than half an inch. The Chi
stimulated within his body blocked the attack from going any further.
This sudden attack had sobered Alex a little.
He turned around immediately and scanned his surroundings with his blood-red eyes.
He actually could see everything as clear as day, despite the darkness.
It was ninjas!
“Attack!” Five ninjas appeared out of nowhere. As soon as they witnessed the hidden
weapon had hit the target, they rushed out joyously and started throwing all kinds of
hidden weapons at Alex.
One of them reminded the others, “Careful, we need him alive.”
However, Alex couldn’t understand Japanese at all.
He was now sweating cold bullets out of shock.
It was not because of the ambush by
the few ninjas, but due to the blood-red bead.
After snapping back to reality, he realized that he had almost ended up like Zack, he
almost did the worst possible thing that he could do to Hailey.
This bead may be
blessed with magnificent holy energy, but there was a slight hint of evil within. This evil
energy could affect one’s emotions and amplify his lustful desires. Under the control of
such energy, one would be driven to do things that were beyond his control.
Hence, at this moment, Alex paid no attention to the ninjas, but he bit down on his
tongue instead.
A mouthful of blood was spat on the blood-red bead.
“With blood as a medium, seal off the blood malediction!”
Alex couldn’t care less about the ninjas’ attacks, he only put up his Mystic Armor and
purely focused on sealing the bead’s energy. With his current ability of his foundation
establishment, he couldn’t understand the energy within this bead at all.
Without proper
training, he would be easily affected by the evil energy. Therefore, his safest bet now
was to seal up the energy.
“Ding ding ding…”
At this moment, the five ninjas were in complete shock They only saw their ninja stars
and hidden weapons were blocked by the Mystic Armor as soon as they had reached
Alex’s body.
A layer of faint yellow light surrounded his body, causing the weapons to
bounce off.
“What is this type of martial arts?”
“Could this be the Steel Cloth of the golden era? Or is this the Golden Shield?”
The ninjas were demotivated. However, one of them was fired up, his eyes were
burning with enthusiasm.
“I think he’s just strong in defense, he doesn’t seem to know how to attack at all. Use
the rope darts!” The leader of the ninjas said.
At this moment, they completely abandoned the strengths of their ninja tactics, they
knew that concealment and ambushing were no longer an option.
So, they stood in front
of Alex, exposing themselves. They were prepared to use brute force to kidnap him.
Bam! Bam! Bam!
Alex still didn’t dodge despite the rope darts being thrown at him. He had no choice,
after all he couldn’t just stop the sealing process.
Five seconds later, he managed to complete the seal. Only did Alex let out a deep sigh
and placed the bead into his pocket. While donning a calm expression, he turned to the
five masked ninjas, who were holding onto the ropes, and said indifferently, “Thanks!”
‘What?’ The ninjas were puzzled as they thought, ‘Why is he thanking us? Is this man
an idiot?’
Just then, the leader spoke in broken English, “No worries, Mr. Alex Rockefeller. Just
share with us the thing that your father had left for you, and we’d be friends forever. We
can give you a lot of money too.”
“The thing that my father had given me…”


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