The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 342

Alex was about to take action, yet he changed his mind after hearing the ninja’s words.
He had no idea what they were here for. Furthermore, his mother had been reticent in
sparing him any details, she seemed terrified as if she were to open Pandora‘s box,
bringing him chaos and misfortune.
Even so, Alex wanted to learn the whole truth even more.
He wanted to at least figure
out what these ninjas were looking for.
“Yes, didn’t you say that you wanted to take down Rockefeller Group? We can be of
help. You wouldn’t even need three months, one month is more than enough to achieve
that. When the time comes, Rockefeller Group will be all yours,” The leader continued.
“You guys aren’t sincere at all. Why are you still wearing masks and hiding yourself
when you’re here for a trade? You even tried to ambush me just a while ago.”
“Haha, it was just a small test.”
From the corner of Alex’s eyes, he could tell that Hailey, who had noticed the ruckus
coming from downstairs, walked toward her window.
However, her room was dim, the
curtains were opened slightly a little.
Even so, with Alex’s sharp eyes, he was able to see a bit of her beautiful figure… ‘Does
she think that no one’s going to notice?’ Alex thought.
“Alright, I’ve hidden the thing that you are asking for.
If you want it, follow me!” Alex
turned around and walked outside.
He didn’t seem fazed by the ropes that were wrapped around his body.
The ninjas instinctively knew something was wrong. According to the intel of their
organization, Alex was at least a Peak-Royal ranked fighter, but he just agreed to their
deal too easily.
Yet again, the thing was way too important. Even if it was just a
one-thousandth chance of success, they had to seize the opportunity and could not give
up at all.
“Hmph, let’s go then!”
With the rope darts immobilizing Alex, they thought that their safety was guaranteed.
They were not afraid even if he had any tricks up his sleeve.
In just a few moments, Alex led them directly to a nearby forest area.
“Mr. Rockefeller, we’ve walked quite a distance!” The leader said, “Why don’t you tell us
where it is located first? Or else, you’d have to suffer the consequences. I would first
slice your hamstrings open.
If you don’t want to end up crippled, you better cooperate.”
After scanning his surroundings, he nodded. “I’m thinking the same too. So, please tell
me, who assigned you to this mission? What organization are you from? What are you
even looking for?”
“We’re the ones who are asking the questions here.”
“Answer mine first.”
“Baka! We should show him what it’s like to defy us!”
The five ninjas immediately tightened the rope in their hands, as if they were trying to rip
his body into five pieces.
However, with just one forceful stomp from Alex, all the five ropes were instantly torn
into pieces after receiving the Chi’s shock.
“Nani?!” The ninjas were shocked. That was because the ropes of the rope darts were
made of processed tendon ropes. They were as thick as a thumb and wouldn’t even
break from pulling an object as heavy as a car.
However, all the five ropes were torn into pieces due to the shock
‘Is he still human?’
Relying only on his physical speed, Alex fiercely lunged forward with the speed of a
devil. Alex instantly appeared in front of the leader and grabbed him by the neck, lifting
him up from the ground.
“Cooperate with me if you don’t want to die!” Alex’s tone was cold as ice. “Whom do you
really work for?”
“Ugh… Uh…” The leader tried struggling with all his might, yet he still failed to escape.
He even tried stabbing Alex with a knife. To his demise, his attack was blocked by the
Mystic Armor. Even if Alex were to stand there and let him stab with all his might, the
leader wouldn’t be able to hurt Alex at all.
The leader smiled bitterly. “Unexpectedly, the thing your father obtained is so…
Looks like our boss had assumed wrongly. But, if you want to get information
out of me, then it’s…. Impossible.”
Just then, a stream of black blood flowed out of the corner of the leader’s mouth. He
grimaced in extreme pain and instantly took his last breath.
Alex was appalled.
He immediately threw the corpse away.
He wanted to capture the other ninjas but he didn’t expect them to scramble and kill
themselves, as if they viewed their lives as insignificant as ants.
Alex thought, ‘Just what kind of terrifyingly powerful figure is behind all this?’
After being frozen in place for quite a while, Alex dialed Anna’s number. “Hey, come and
Clean up some corpses.”


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