The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 343

“Ninjas again?”
“Holy sh*t, all of them committed suicide too!”
Anna was quick to arrive at the scene. It only took her less than half an hour to show up
in front of Alex.
After taking a glance at the five ninjas’ corpses, she knew that they had committed
“What grudge do the Japanese ninjas have against you?” Anna was puzzled as it was
an abnormal phenomenon for the five ninjas to commit suicide simultaneously. This
could only be explained if it involved some extremely hidden secrets or some sort of
powerful figures.
Alex sighed. “I’d like to know that too.”
A brute woman like Anna obviously liked using brawns instead of brains. She didn’t
even put much thought into it as she knew that she couldn’t understand the incident
either, so she just ordered her men to clean up the corpses.
She then turned to Alex and said, “By the way, I’d like you to help me with something.”
Alex froze. “Is it related to a mission from Divine Constabulary?”
Anna replied, “Nope, but it’s quite urgent. It’s a personal favor.”
“I can refuse to help if it’s personal, right? Pray tell.”
While clenching her fists to suppress her urge of punching Alex, Anna said, “You’ve
heard of Zendaya, right?”
‘Huh?’ Alex was stunned.
‘Not only did I hear of her, but I also literally touched her feet
and ankles a while ago. I even saw her beautiful yoga movements.’
He nodded gently. “What about her?”
“She’s my friend.”
“She will be having a concert in California State Stadium the day after tomorrow. But I
found out that someone is trying to assassinate her during the concert”
Alex asked, “From what I know, Zendaya has ranked fighters as bodyguards, doesn’t
she? One of them is an Advanced-Royal ranked fighter too. Even if someone were to try
to harm her, wouldn’t her bodyguards be more than enough to handle the assassins?”
Anna replied, “According to my intel, the opponents might have hired foreign hitmen.
Autumn may be at Advanced-Royal rank, but she wouldn’t be able to handle these
“I’m afraid of foreign hitmen too!”
“What are you even afraid of?!” Anna had cursed out loud.
“You even forced five ninjas
to commit suicide simultaneously, why would you be afraid of a few foreign hitmen? You
know what, in exchange, I’ll help you to investigate the identities of these ninjas.”
“Alright, deal.”
After staying for a just brief while at the scene, Anna hurried off with the corpses.
After returning to Maple Villa, Alex hid the blood-red bead in a secret place.
He knew he
didn’t have the power to handle the energy of the bead as of now. He could only wait till
he had the power to balance out the negative energy and prevent it from amplifying his
desires. When the time came, it would be the opportunity to research the bead.
He had a feeling that a shocking secret must have been hidden within the bead.
After doing so, once again he unfastened the Red Shackle that was tied around his belt,
releasing the little demon sealed within.
‘Ah, this kid is quite pitiful too. He has been bound to Earth for years and turned into an
evil entity out of the blue. Since he can’t go back to his original form, I should exorcise
“Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, cross the bridge and drink the water of Lethe to forget
your earthly life.”
“Time is boundless, forget the past and head south on the road to the netherworld.”
“Mister!” Suddenly, the child spoke up.
“Earlier, there was another uncle who possessed Grandma too, he then walked away
with an aunty. He said that he wanted to sleep with that aunty. He’s definitely evil.”
Upon listening to this, everything started to make sense.
Thinking back, the aunt that he mentioned must be Hailey. That explained the dreams
that she didn’t want to speak of.
Alex nodded and formed a seal using his hand to finish the last step of exorcism.


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