The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 344

“Bye bye, mister!”
“Goodbye, don’t be so playful in your next life!”
Witch doctors were not only able to cure spirits, they were capable of exorcising evil
spirits as well.
Alex waved gently, yet a sudden gush of sadness welled inside him.
‘The child died in vain at such a young age, his parents must have felt way sadder,’ he
The night passed by quickly.
In the next morning, Alex was in the basement again to concoct a cauldron of Blood
Energy Pills. This was the last of his medicinal herbs as well, he could only concoct a
cauldron of thirteen pills. He did not have enough materials for further concoctions!
Without the help of the divine energy that was given by his ancestor, he could tell that
his cultivation speed was decreasing significantly. So, he had to think of a way to
improve this.
He drove up to Ass*x Villa at 10:30 am.
Never did Alex expect that Adrianna and her family still had not left the villa, there were
even two cops at the scene.
Puzzled, Alex made eye contact with Dorothy.
Alex understood the situation immediately as soon as Dorothy pouted her lips in
Sharpay’s direction. The family had reported to the police on the incident of Sharpay’s
ex-boyfriend scamming them two million dollars.
“Based on our investigation, this Josh Washington you speak of, used a fake name.”
“His real name is Antonio Usoro, a professional scammer. He had used the same
modus operandi and successfully scammed eight other women. Not only did he
manipulate them to sleep with him, he had also scammed them of large sums of money,
with more than thirty million dollars in total.”
“The worst case within our records was that the woman was not only impregnated, but
she was also scammed more than ten million dollars. Compared to her, consider
yourselves lucky.”
“Just be careful of who you date from now on! We will continue to follow up and strive to
solve this case ASAP. We will inform you if we manage to find anything.”
After relaying all the information, the two cops left the villa immediately.
After hearing their words, Adrianna fell and sat to the ground as she started crying
Taylor, on the other hand, beat up Sharpay with punches and kicks, and even gave her
three slaps across her face.
Watching this family in such a mess, Alex didn’t even pity them one bit. In fact, he was a
little delighted as he smiled to himself inexplicably.
However, Sharpay, who noticed his expression, pointed at him and said, “Why are you
smiling? What is wrong with you? Oh, I know, it’s definitely you. You must’ve worked
with Josh to scam me by setting up a trap.
Why else would you be the owner of Maple
Villa 8?”
Upon listening to this, Adrianna got up to her feet immediately. “That’s right! It must be
you! You have scammed two million dollars from us. Give it back, give it back to us
Alex was really speechless. “Have all of you gone crazy?”
Of course, Dorothy backed Alex up. “Aunty, you guys are unreasonable.”
Sharpay rushed over to grab Alex by the collar. “Unreasonable? He did it, he must’ve
been the one who did it! He must have hated us Bardots since I was the one who
humiliated him in Grandpa’s birthday banquet last time.
That’s why he wanted to seek
revenge, he asked Josh to set me up! This pest must be behind all this!”
Without hesitation, Alex slapped Sharpay hard across the face. Her face was even more
reddened from the slap.
Adrianna and Taylor were stunned, they were ready to fight Alex with all their might.
As Adrianna continued to pester him incessantly like a maniac, Alex grabbed and lifted
her up. “I may respect you as family and call you Aunty, but don’t you dare test my
boundaries time after time. All of you are no different than those small fries to me.
would I hire some random guy and put on an act to scam you for merely two million
dollars? It’s a waste of my time, you know? If I really had that much time, I’d rather give
my wife a pedicure.”
He then let go of Adrianna.
However, Adrianna was red-faced as she chided, “Merely two million dollars? You’re
saying as if you have that sort of money! Who do you think you are?
Who doesn’t know
that Maple Villa 8 was never yours to begin with? Someone lent it to you to stay
temporarily. Both you and your mother are just living under some one’s roof! Do you
really see yourself as some rich man because of this?
If you really do have such
capabilities, then show us you have two million dollars! If you can do that, I’ll lick your
As soon as she had finished speaking, someone walked into the villa, it was Felix
Shepherd, the young heir of Pegasus International. He used to be that guy that Claire
wanted as her ideal son-in-law.
Upon his arrival, Claire immediately rushed up with a smile to welcome him.
“Oh, it’s Mr.
Shepherd! What brings you here? Here, have a seat! Alex, hurry and get some tea for
Mr. Shepherd.”
Felix was struck with fear as he dared not let Alex pour him tea.
He hurriedly rejected her kind offer. Then, he eagerly rushed up to Alex and handed him
a bank card.
“Mr. Rockefeller, we realized that you haven’t cashed out the twenty million
dollar check that we had given you last time. It has already expired, so I’ve come
personally to hand you this bank card. This card doesn’t have an expiry date.”
With these words, everyone instantly fell silent.


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