The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 345

‘We were just talking about the two million dollars, yet here you are giving him twenty
million dollars at once. Do you really need to leave me with egg on my face?’
Adrianna felt as if her face were swollen due to the slap in the face. However, she just
said that she would lick Alex’s shoes if he really had two million dollars.
More importantly, her eyes were fixated on the bank card, brimming with jealousy and
vain. After all, that was twenty million dollars. Based on their economic condition, their
family would never be able to earn such a large sum of money in their lifetime. Those
were astronomical figures to them.
However, Claire was even more crushed.
Alex had given her the twenty-million-dollar check back then, yet due to immense
excitement, she had made a crease on the check when she placed it under her pillow
before sleeping. In the end, she even yelled at him and accused him for giving her a
fake check.
‘It was real all along.’
Dorothy, on the other hand, had already seen the check. Hence, she wasn’t quite so
surprised as the others.
Beatrice had her eyes widened. She stared at Felix and then turned to Alex. She felt
something was not right.
“You actually came personally to hand me the money!” Alex smiled scornfully at Felix.
Felix hurriedly smiled and said, “As I should, Mr. Rockefeller.
My dad has had this on his
mind for the longest time too. He told me to greet you on his behalf when we meet.”
Why was Felix in such a rush to hand him the money? This was all due to the incident
during Bill Rockefeller’s funeral, it was quite a shocker to the Shepherds.
Even the patriarch of the great Yowell family in California had showed up in person just
to stand up for Alex.
How much weight could his words carry?
A single sentence from the patriarch of the Yowells could crush Pegasus International
and make it vanish in a puff of smoke.
If Alex were to refuse to take the money, both the Shepherd father and son would be
restless for the rest of their life.
Luckily, Alex was indeed short on money now. Not only did Belle Blossom require large
amounts of funds, but he needed money to procure some medicinal herbs as well.
Hence, he took the bank card without hesitation. After realizing that the password was
written on the back of the card, he just shoved it into his pocket and said, “Thanks.”
While watching their interaction, Claire’s expression instantly darkened, as if she were
bereaved of her parents. She felt as if someone had abruptly stolen twenty million
dollars from her pockets.
“Fake, fake, this must be fake!” Adrianna suddenly screamed, “Twenty million dollars?
You must be some kind of con artist that Rockefeller hired!
How could this trash have
twenty million dollars in his pockets?”
Felix’s expression instantly turned cold. “You’re calling me a con artist? Who are you?”
While pointing at Felix’s nose, Adrianna raised her voice and was about to chide, “Yeah,
I’m calling you a con artist, take it as a compliment!
You’ re nothing but a…”
Unexpectedly, Adrianna’ s voice just fell silent as Taylor, who had not uttered a word
since Felix’s arrival, swung his palm and slapped her across the face.
“Ah! Taylor Bellamy! Have you gone mental?!”
Adrianna screamed out of anger as she didn’t expect to he slapped.
Why would Taylor slap his wife?
That was because he was petrified!
Taylor had started a boutique joint a while ago. The company that his boutique was
joined to was Pegasus International.
He had the courtesy to meet Felix during a trainee conference back then, that was how
he knew that Felix was the CEO’s son. If they were to offend him now, his joint would
definitely be closed down and his whole family would have no source of income from
then on.
“Apologize! Apologize to Mr. Shepherd now! Don’t you know just how noble is Mr.
Shepherd’s identity?
How could he be a con artist that Rockefeller tra… Alex
Rockefeller hired? If Mr. Shepherd says it’s twenty million dollars, then it must be real!”
Adrianna asked, “Mr. Shepherd? Which Mr. Shepherd are you even talking about?”
Taylor immediately replied, “The young heir of Pegasus International, Mr. Shepherd!”
Although Adrianna didn’t care much about Taylor’s boutique, she knew that Pegasus
International was owned by her husband’s boss.
Upon hearing this, she immediately panicked. After kneeling down in front of Felix, she
hurriedly apologized. “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I was foolish for failing to realize that you
were Mr. Shepherd. I shouldn’t have said such foul words! I should be damned, I should
be beaten!”


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