The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 346

Adrianna kept slapping herself as she apologized.
Felix huffed coldly. “You shouldn’t apologize to me, but to Mr. Rockefeller. I think I
overheard you just said you would lick his shoe if he were to have two million dollars,
Adrianna was shocked. Her mouth was agape, yet no words could come out. She could
kneel before Felix without hesitation because of his title as the young heir of Pegasus
International. In her eyes, he was a powerful figure who could dictate her family’s fate
with just one decision.
However, Alex was just a mere loser in her eyes, who should be crushed under her feet.
How could she bring herself to such humiliation by licking his shoe in exchange?
She just couldn’t accept this!
Just like anybody else, one could accept an irrelevant person who acted all high and
mighty toward them.
Yet they could never accept a relative whom they deemed trash
and shunned away for the longest time, to suddenly become a being that many fell over
each other to flatter.
Just then, everyone turned to look at Adrianna as they waited for her decision.
Taylor pushed away Adrianna.
“You said so yourself, so you have to keep this promise.
Lick it!”
Adrianna put herself in a difficult position as tears started welling up in her eyes. She
stared at Alex with frustration and hatred. After a brief moment, she lowered her head.
“Alright, I’ll…”
Just then, Alex interrupted her sentence and said, “Get up. You’re still Dorothy’s aunt
and also my mother-in-law’s sister no matter what.”
Felix froze. Only then did he realize this woman was actually Dorothy‘s aunt. He was
worried that he might have stirred up trouble, hence he hurriedly bid farewell to Alex. He
had achieved his goal anyway.
After this incident, Adrianna and her family were embarrassed and dared not stay any
longer. After Felix rushed off, they headed back into their car gloomily as well.
As they drove off, Alex could sense the hateful gazes coming from Adrianna and
However, why would Alex care about what this family thought of him?
They were just mere nobodies to him after all.
“Alex Rockefeller, the twenty million dollars are mine!”
After everyone had left, Claire immediately rushed toward Alex and tried to snatch the
bank card from his pockets.
“Hey, hey, hey!”
“What’s wrong with you? Don’t touch me like that!” Alex shouted as he pushed Claire
Dorothy spoke up, “Mom, what are you doing? That’s Alex’s money! How could you
snatch it from him?”
Claire grabbed Alex as she was unwilling to let him go. “That was originally my money!
It’s just that I accidentally made a crease on the check so I couldn’t cash it out!
else would Felix come personally and hand us the money! It’s mine! It’s my money! Alex
Rockefeller, I’m warning you. If you don’t give me the money, I won’t let you step foot
into our home from now on!”
Dorothy was furious as she said, “Mom, how could you be like this? When Alex and I
got married, you used the twenty million dollars that you had received from my
mother-in-law to buy futures, yet you lost all of them!
I didn’t even tell you off after
knowing that! How could you ask for another twenty million dollars now? Alex, if you
dare to give the money to her, I won’t bear your children!”
“No, I definitely won’t give her the money! Our children are more important!”
Claire angrily stomped her feet as she chided that she raised Dorothy for nothing and
she rather sided with an outsider instead of her own mother.
Just then, Beatrice received a call.
“What? You got us tickets to Zendaya’s concert? That’s amazing! Yay!”
She jumped in excitement.
Her 1.2 meter long legs looked beautiful as she danced
joyously in the air.
Alex frowned after hearing her words. “You’re going to Zendaya’s concert?”
Beatrice pouted. “Yeah, what about it? Has it got anything to do with you? You don’t
even show filial respect to my mom after getting such a large amount of money!
Recalling Anna’s words, he knew that Zendaya might be in danger during the concert
due to assassins.
He tried convincing Beatrice, “You better not go to Zendaya’s concert.”
Beatrice huffed.
“Tsk, you’re quite the control freak If you have the capabilities, control
yourself for a change! Twenty million dollars wouldn’t be enough to defeat Rockefeller
Group. If you couldn’t do it by then, you will drag down our family and turn us into a
laughing stock too!”


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