The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 347

Even so, Alex still wanted to persuade her.
However, Dorothy pulled him back and said, “Just quit it, you can’t convince her at all.
You have no idea that my sister is a hardcore fan of Zendaya. She has Zendaya’s
posters plastered all over her walls, and she even has every album of hers.”
“Last time, she even travelled specifically to Virginia just so she could watch her
concert. Now that her concert will be held in California, how could she miss this one?”
“If you refuse to let her go, she would even fight you with all her might.”
Alex stared at Beatrice with a puzzled look as he said, “Is Zendaya really that great?
She’s just a woman. In terms of appearance, it seems your sister is way prettier than
her anyway.”
Dorothy felt happy secretly. “Really? Do you really think that I’m prettier than Zendaya?”
Alex was certain. “Yeah, there’s no doubt about it. Zendaya ain’t sh*t, she can’t even be
compared to your pinky.”
Beatrice looked like she was about to vomit. “You’re so disgusting. Are you proud of
yourself by sucking up to my sister like that? How can you only see Zendaya for her
beauty? She has the temperament, talents, as well as singing and acting skills! She
even has a great personality and absolutely ethereal looks! How dare you say Zendaya
is not pretty? You must be blind, or color blind!”
“Zendaya is a hundred times better than my sister in any aspect.”
“She’s the most popular female singer in America. She has been the No. 1 artist on the
billboard music charts for three years straight!”
“She had won the best actress award at the Oscars this year too! She’s…”
As Beatrice started mentioning Zendaya, she just couldn’t stop gushing over her,
despite her refusal to talk much to Alex back then.
With so many awards and titles, Alex
started to feel dizzy. So, he finally said, “Are you telling the truth? You’re saying that
fierce, foolish woman is this great?”
Beatrice fumed. “How dare you call Zendaya a fierce and foolish woman! I’ll kill you!”
She lunged toward Alex and bit his arm.
“What is wrong with you?!”
Alex pushed her away. It was fortunate that he didn’t activate his Chi, or else this crazy
hardcore fan would end up toothless.
“Whoever Zendaya is, she’s not your mom nor your sister. Why are you so protective of
her? What did she even benefit you with?
What the actual f*ck honestly, you’re insane
for biting me like a dog. Everything you’ve learned in university must have gone down
the drain.”
After scolding her, Alex dragged Dorothy upstairs.
“Open your mouth!”
Alex placed a Blood Energy Pill into Dorothy’s mouth, just so Claire wouldn’t be able to
snatch it from her. He didn’t want her to reap any of its benefits.
“What was that?” Dorothy looked at him, slightly annoyed.
“The elixir of life.” Alex joked with a smile and then cupped her face.
He stared down
from his vantage point as he kissed her on the lips. “I noticed that you have been
looking pretty tired lately. Is your back sore from sitting for long hours? Why don’t you
lay down on the bed? I’ll give you a massage.”
Using the excuse of a massage, he would be able to help her absorb the pill better by
untangling her meridians.
Since he had taken initiative to offer a massage, how could
Dorothy refuse it?
She laid down immediately but she did not forget to warn him. “Just a massage, alright?
Don’t be naughty!”
However, this reminded Alex to look at her back with a risque look plastered on his face.
A few seconds later, Alex began to seriously massage her back with his skilled hands.
“Ah, that feels so good!”
“Oh, it’s kinda sore here. No, that’s really sore! Don’t move, don’t touch me there!”
“It’s warming up my body. What is this?
It feels a little weird, your methods are really
different from others. You must have learnt this somewhere, right?”
Dorothy was fully immersed in the massage session. Whenever Alex found a good spot,
she would even moan out of pleasure.


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