The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 348

“I learnt this when I massaged my mom back then,” Alex said as he smiled. He didn’t
want to tell her about his martial arts training yet, it was all too soon for now.
“So that’s what it is. You should give me a massage more often from now on.”
“Of course.”
During the midway of the massage session, Claire rushed into the room.
She thought
the two were going to do some other stuff in there, hence she stayed there to supervise
them throughout the whole session.
However, after seeing how good Dorothy felt, she couldn’t resist herself and laid onto
the bed too. She ordered Alex to give her a massage as well.
‘As if I’d give you a massage!’
Alex spat on her back after Claire laid down.
‘Who do you think you are?’
A day passed by just like that. The sun rose as per usual, it was another bright Sunday.
It was also the day of Zendaya’s concert, which would be held in California State
Stadium. This was an absolutely exciting day for Zendaya’s California fans.
Many local
fan groups had been making all kinds of preparations for the concert in the past few
Many other foreign fans also rushed to California just to see her concert. Even lots of
die-hard fans had come, they were determined to attend every Zendaya’s concert.
“Alex, I have to complete a mission today, so I’ll leave Zendaya’s safety to you. Please
be focused on the job.”
Anna called Alex and sent him an address. It was a rather quiet area in Golden Manor,
she wanted him to meet up with them early.
“By the way, since you might be tracked down by ninjas too, you better hide your
identity for this one. Just wear a mask or some shades when you head over.”
Alex was at a loss for words. “Since she knows that she’s going to be in danger, why
doesn’t she just cancel the concert?”
Anna shook her head. “I tried convincing her too, but she refused to. You and I are not
in the entertainment industry, so we’re not familiar with what’s going on in there. She
must have her own sets of worries I guess!
Besides, cancelling this concert won’t do
any good. She wouldn’t be able to get these people off her back unless she were to
stop having concerts or quit the entertainment industry.”
Alex asked, “What do you know about these hitmen?”
“No idea.
It’s not like I don’twant to tell you anything, but that’s really all I’ve got. They
might be related to the Stoermer family of Michigan… Or there might be an error in the
information that I’ve got too. If there weren’t any hitmen to begin with, just take it as a
free entry to the concert, consider yourself lucky then.”
At three o’clock in the afternoon, Alex showed up outside Zendaya’s manor while
wearing a sunhat, a huge mask and a pair of large shades.
At this moment, a minivan and two other security cars stood by and waited for Zendaya
and her team. “Zendaya, we should be off now, it’s almost time!”
Zendaya’s manager, the chubby Bunty, kept urging as she looked at their schedule.
They had scheduled to arrive at the stadium at four o’clock in the afternoon because
there were still various preparations needed to be done.
Moreover, Bunty started to panic as she was worried about the heavy traffic in
“What even is that crappy bodyguard here for? And he’s late? Our security team is fine
as it is. With Autumn and the others, even the military would have to admit defeat!”
Zendaya replied, “Bunty, don’t be mad.
The concert will start at 7:30 pm. anyway. One
of my besties recommended this bodyguard, he’s quite a skilled fighter. Let’s just wait
for a little more!”
They were waiting for Alex
Just then, a man in a suit laughed coldly.
He pointed toward a bulky man next to him
and said, “Zendaya, no matter how skilled this guy is, do you think he’d be more skilled
than Bruce here? Bruce is a Mystic ranked fighter. With him here, who could have the
capability to lay a finger on you?
Don’t worry, even if anyone else were to come, he
would be mere decorations with Bruce here to keep you safe.”
Zendaya smiled politely at the man but she kept a distance from that man.
This man was Norman Hansen, the young heir of Star Entertainment that Zendaya was
signed to.
He was very obsessed with Zendaya and had chased after her for three
years, yet he wasn’t able to capture her heart at all.
If Zendaya were to be just any average female star, he would have used everything in
his power to force her to abide to his will. However, how could he do that when Zendaya
was one of the members of the great Stoermer family in Michigan?
He could only wait till she was willing to be with him. If he were to use force, only death
would await him. Bruce, on the other hand, was the fighter that Norman had hired to
protect Zendaya.
“Yeah, right. That bodyguard can’t even be on time! He must be unreliable, so why do
we even need him here?
If he doesn’t show up within the next three minutes, we’ll just
leave Without him. Who does he think he is? I’d slap him to death when I see him later!”
Bunty chided loudly.
Just then, Alex walked in slowly with his face completely covered up. “Slap me to death
you say? I’m afraid that you don’t have the ability to do so!”


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