The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 349

Seeing a man with both his face and body completely covered up, Autumn and the
other female bodyguards immediately formed a formation around Zendaya to protect
Norman ordered Bruce to stand by as well.
Bruce’s giant tower like figure immediately rushed forward and blocked everyone in the
“Who are you?” Bunty asked coldly as she hid behind Bruce.
Next to Bruce, who was at least two meters tall, Bunty looked especially tiny and
adorable. Her facial features were slightly above average, but she was just a little too
Moreover, Alex could tell that this woman was sick at first glance. Her obesity was
caused by endocrine dyscrasia.
To put it simply, she was the type of woman who would
become fat despite only drinking water.
“If I’m not mistaken, I’m the one you were waiting for.” Alex scanned Bunty briefly and
turned to Bruce.
Based on the analysis of his Chi released, Bruce was actually a Mystic ranked expert
who specialized in brute force.
‘He is way too incredible!’
Zendaya immediately asked, “Are you the one who’s recommended by Anna
Alex nodded.
Norman let out a slight chuckle as he said, “Why are you hiding your face then? Do you
dare to take off your glasses and mask?
Dude, you’re here looking like a mummy. Who
knows if you’re actually her bodyguard?”
Alex then took off his shades and mask while maintaining an expressionless face.
Just then, Zendaya exclaimed as she covered her cherry lips with her hands, “Ah! Why
is it you?”
Alex replied, “Yeah, it’s me. Sorry for being late, I couldn’t call a cab so I just took the
train. That’s why I’m late by five minutes.”
Knowing that Alex came by train instead of car, Norman almost burst into laughter. In
his circle of friends, he had never seen anyone still take trains. Who would not drive a
luxurious car at this age?
Even the security guards at his company did better than this guy!
‘How could someone like him be worthy to protect the goddess, Zendaya?’ Norman
“Who is this guy even? Zendaya, do you know him too? He must be joking, right?
could crush him with just a finger,” Norman said with a despised expression on his face.
Before Zendaya could reply, Autumn spoke up, “Oh, him? He even climbed up to our
lady’s manor the other day, and peeped her like a creep.”
Autumn had been hurt by Alex before, her wound was still hurting even now. She
clenched her teeth as she despised him, yet she couldn’t do anything about him.
However, with such a skilled Mystic ranked fighter like Bruce around, she wanted to
make use of him and give Alex a taste of his own medicine.
As expected, Norman’s eyes widened in anger as soon as he heard what Autumn just
He automatically imagined the scene of Alex peeping Zendaya in shower from the
windows and immediately yelled, “What?! How dare you peep Zendaya? You
motherf*cker, you must have a death wish.
Bruce, beat him up and break off his hands!”
Bruce was very obedient, he immediately took a large step forward as he reached out to
grab Alex by the arm. Bunty, who was standing behind Bruce, looked excited as she
couldn’t wait to see Alex get beaten up.
Alex huffed gently, he was ready to throw this big man toward Norman.
“Stop!” Zendaya hurriedly spoke up, and shot a dirty glare at Autumn.
Although Zendaya was quite hostile toward Alex, she still had to show him respect if he
really came over after Anna’s recommendation. Moreover, they had seen what Alex
could do.
It would be unwise to go against each other.
“The heavenly king covers the tiger,” Zendaya suddenly yelled out such a sentence and
left everyone else in bewilderment.
Alex rolled his eyes and replied, “And I’m the field mouse.”
This was the secret code that Anna had given to him so that Zendaya could identify him.
However, this code was way too childish and foolish.
Although Alex was very dissatisfied with it, Anna left for her mission as soon as she
gave him the said code. It would be impossible to change it, even if he strongly wanted


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