The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 350

“ So it really is you. Alex Rockefeller, right? I didn’t expect you to be acquainted with
Anna.” Zendaya said as she smiled.
Watching their interaction, Norman was extremely pissed off, especially the two had
some secret codes between them, as if they were hiding something. He just became
more upset as he continued to glare at Alex.
“Zendaya, this guy dared to peep you through the windows like a creep! Are you really
going to forgive him this easily?”
“It’s fine, he didn’t mean to. Besides, he didn’t really get to see anything at all.” Zendaya
wanted to keep things peaceful. “Bunty, didn’t you say that we need to rush our
Since Mr. Rockefeller is here now, let’s go!”
Bunty immediately shot Alex a dirty glare, as if she were holding a grudge against him.
She then clapped her hands and ordered the team to hurriedly get to work.
Zendaya, Bunty, a female bodyguard and Norman got into the minivan.
Bunty pointed at Alex and said in a hostile tone, “Hey you.
You take the last security car
at the back.”
Norman, Autumn and the others cast mocking glances at Alex as they watched Bunty
ordering Alex.
After wearing his mask again, Alex shook his head and walked up to the minivan in
He grabbed Norman by the collar and flung him out of the passenger seat. “You sit
in that car at the back, I’ll sit here.”
Norman, who was thrown out of the car, was enraged as his face was flushed red. “Who
do you think you are, f*cker?! How dare you throw me out of the minivan?! Do you think
that I couldn’t ruin you in seconds?!”
After getting into the passenger seat, Alex turned toward Zendaya, who was sitting in
the back, and said, “Anna had specifically requested me to protect you at all times
before she left. That’s our deal, at the very least. So if you don’t want me here, you can
call her and I’ll leave immediately.”
Zendaya was slightly annoyed upon hearing such words.
She didn’t expect him to treat
her as a mere deal between him and Anna.
She initially thought that Anna would find someone who was one of her fans. She had
such a large number of fans after all. However, at first glance, Alex was obviously not
her fan.
Even if he were a fan, he must be one of her anti-fans.
Bunty immediately rushed out of the minivan, with her thighs trembling. “Mr. Hansen,
are you alright? Did this bastard hurt you? How dare you?! You, get out right now! We
don’t welcome you here! Hurry and get out! Get out!”
Alex took a glance at her. “Who do you think you are? Bug off!”
With just one glance and the understatement of the words “bug off”, Bunty’s obese body
trembled, as if her mind were to be struck by lightning. This was the result of the mental
shock via Alex’s mental strength.
After establishing his foundation, his middle energy core would slowly open up.
mental strength would be elevated as well, and it would be slowly turned into mental
power. He had been cultivating to improve his mental power in the past two days.
Once he had reached a certain level of mental power, he would be able to negate the
negative energy within the blood-red bead.
Bunty was just an ordinary person and her mental strength was slightly weaker than the
average person, hence she couldn’t handle Alex’s mental shock one bit.
After taking a few steps back with loud thumps, she almost ended up falling to the
“Alright, alright, please stop fighting. Give me face at least.” Zendaya came to resolve
the conflict; Not only was Anna her best friend, she was also her savior.
Moreover, their
families had been acquainted for centuries, Anna even might become her sister-in-law
in the future.
Since Alex was someone who Anna sent, Zendaya knew that she had to give him face,
regardless of whoever he was.
Zendaya turned to Norman and said, “Mr. Hansen, why don’t you just sit in that car in
the very back. It’ll just be for a while, please?”
Norman couldn’tbelieve his ears. His face was upset as he clenched his fists.
Zendaya actually threw him out of the minivan for a foolish bodyguard.
He thought, ‘What does this damn bodyguard have got to do with her?


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