The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 352

Beatrice was talking to several California fan club fans beside her. Then, the crowd
followed the car fleet as they slowly walked into the stadium. Many fans even jumped
excitedly to look at the car fleet, but all they could see was the lifeless car boot.
After entering California State Stadium, Zendaya’s team busily began making
preparations for the concert. Alex found a stool and sat three meters away from
He maintained a cold expression throughout the preparation, as if he were a
stranger that must not be approached.
Zendaya’s team members dared not approach him after Bunty showed her aura of
disgust and hatred toward Alex. They were worried that they might not be able to stay in
the team if Bunty were to hold a grudge against them.
Zendaya, on the other hand, was curious about Alex’s relationship with Anna.
More importantly, she wanted to know if there was something going on between Alex
and Anna because she wanted to help her brother to check on Anna.
“Hey, so how did you and Anna meet?” Zendaya asked Alex as the makeup artist did
her makeup.
Alex took a glance at her, yet he didn’t bother to even speak a word.
The makeup artist pouted and murmured, “Who is this guy?
Who does he think he is to
be so smug and arrogant than Zendaya?”
Zendaya was frustrated as well. She was an international idol who was adored by
millions. Many local ministers even treated her with utmost respect too. When was she
being treated so coldly like this?
She didn’t show it on her face, but she was about to explode in anger.
“Then, can you tell me who Anna is to you?” She asked again.
“None of your business!” Alex replied with merely four words this time.
Norman, who was aside, couldn’t no longer sit back and chided, “You f*cker! Do you
really think you’re some kind of hotshot? Having Zendaya to ask you questions is an
honor! You really have a stroke of good fortune to be able to talk to such a famous idol,
it must be a blessing of your previous eight lifetimes! Yet, here you are acting high and
mighty! Who do you think you are?
I get even more upset as I watch this any further. If
you dare, fight me one on one!”
Alex replied calmly, “You don’t have what it takes.”
“F*ck! ”Overwhelmed with anger, Norman felt as if he had suffered from internal injury
due to Alex’s harsh words.
If weren’t for the concert was about to start and Norman realized that he might make
Zendaya unhappy, he would have ordered Bruce to cripple this bastard and throw him
into a dumpster overnight.
“Bruce, listen up. When you get the chance later, beat up this bastard for me!”
“I want him to be paralyzed in bed for at least three months!” Norman leaned closer and
whispered into Bruce’s ear.
The concert started as per scheduled at 7:30 pm.
After a full makeover, Zendaya looked absolutely stunning. Alex had seen her on
television multiple times and even watched an ancient fantasy series starring her, yet
none could compete with her stunning look in real person.
He had to admit that Zendaya was an ethereal beauty after putting on makeup. The
makeup artist was truly skilled!
“Hello my California pals! How are all of you?”
With Zendaya’s casual greeting, the whole California State Stadium roared with
excitement, with countless cheers and screams from the fans. While standing
backstage, Alex, who was wearing a mask, was shocked to see the massive crowd
attending this concert as he stared down the audience.
After a brief moment, Zendaya started singing the song that granted her fame,
“Galaxies For You”.
This song had been trending all over the whole country for quite a while, even Alex
knew how to sing it. However, as soon as Zendaya opened her mouth, Alex was
shocked to his core, with his mouth agape… Her voice was completely different to when
he heard this song on the radio.
The song had already sounded amazing on the radio,
yet her live vocals were mesmerising, as if one’s soul would shudder and resonate as
they danced with her melodious singing.
Just then, a whim struck Alex, his expression changed. “This is mental power!
Zendaya’s singing contains mental powers! What’s more terrifying is that her mental
powers have enveloped the whole stadium!”


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