The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 353

Alex was in extreme shock.
With a mixed expression, his eyes were fixated on Zendaya, who was passionately
singing on the stage. He initially thought that she was just a popular female star at best,
only then did he realize that it was wrong for him to underestimate her abilities. This
woman’s power was simply insane.
Alex could only sense her immense powers because he had been cultivating his mental
powers lately. Or else, he wouldn’t be able to figure out the extent of her mental powers.
Well, the mental power that Alex had used on Bunty earlier could only travel two meters
at most. It could be just known as a simple release of mental powers.
However, the
strength of the mental power would depreciate drastically if it had travelled over two
meters. The said power could be almost negligible if it were to travel further than ten
Meanwhile, at the scene, the distance between Zendaya and the end of the stadium
was at least a hundred meters.
Her powers could travel such a long distance despite
the disruptions, just how powerful was her mental powers?
It was really immeasurable.
No wonder Zendaya could become such a famous female singer. All her concerts were
fully occupied, the said concert tickets were extremely hard to be obtained.
This reason actually lay within here.
Alex then turned to look at the audience under the stage. None of them moved, they just
focused on Zendaya’s performance, indulging in her beautiful singing… This scene
looked extremely odd and creepy, as if tens of thousands of people at the scene could
not move their bodies at all as their minds were tranced by Zendaya’s singing.
Alex was affected as well.
It was as if he could feel the artistic conception, Zendaya’s
thoughts, and emotions that she wanted to express in her singing.
The song ended, only then did everyone snap back into reality as if they had just woken
up from a dream.
During the performance, everyone felt like they had experienced a journey of love
beyond time and space.
They could feel the unswerving vow between the male
protagonist and the female protagonist, till it faded into endless yearning… That’s right,
Zendaya’s “Galaxies For You” was about a sad and hopeless romantic tragedy where
the male protagonist was exiled to the ruins of the universe and the female protagonist,
on the other hand, waited loyally for him to come back to her some day.
In the end, the
man had travelled through galaxies just to see her again, yet the woman had fallen sick
due to lovesickness, and ended up passing away before he could see her.
Everyone at the scene, except a few, had tears streaming down their faces. In the next
moment, they gave thunderous claps.
“Zendaya! Zendaya! I love you!”
“I would devote my life just to you!”
Countless Zendaya’s fans started shouting and the endless waves of glow sticks lit up
the whole stadium.
After that, everything had gone fairly well during the concert, nothing unexpected
happened at all. Even Alex himself thought that Anna had gotten her hand on the wrong
information, there didn’t seem to be any so-called foreign hitmen who were after
At this moment, the concert had gone through multiple highs throughout the night, the
invited guest stars had appeared on stage one by one as well. The last session of the
concert was a meet-and-greet with fans, three lucky fans were invited to go up the
To Alex’s surprise, his sister-in-law, Beatrice, was one of the three lucky fans.
He could
see that she was extremely excited, with her eyes glistening and even her lips were
‘This little brat, does she want to get into the entertainment industry after graduation?’
Alex couldn’t help but secretly think.
At this moment, a sudden change occurred.
Sudden loud cries could be heard from the
south area of the stadium. As he turned to the cries, he could see a few sparks were
initiated from afar, causing a large fire in an instant.
“Fire! Fire!”
Some screamed, the crowd started to panic as well.
Some of their clothes caught fire, so they hurriedly rolled on the ground to put it out.
This wasn’t much of a big deal in the first place, the security team was large enough to
deal with just a mere fire. There were many fire extinguishers at the side to instantly
extinguish the fire. However, it was almost at the same time, more than seven other
areas in the stadium caught fire as well.
It was obvious that someone had started a fire on purpose.
The alarm rang through the stadium, countless audience scrambled to rush out of the
entrance in a panic, causing injuries as they pushed and stepped on others.
Beatrice and the other two lucky fans were stunned.
Alex, on the other hand, rushed to Zendaya as soon as he noticed the sparks.
Autumn and the other female bodyguards only reacted after the fire.
They rushed out
from backstage and shouted, “Protect our lady! Retreat! Retreat!”
Suddenly, a large metal rack crashed down from the ceiling above.
With a loud crash, it happened to fall onto the heads of the three female bodyguards
who rushed over.
With a fierce dash, Autumn was able to narrowly escape the grave danger, yet the other
two weren’t that lucky. One of them had her head smashed into a pile of bloody goop
and died there and then, with blood splattering everywhere. The other had her legs
crushed by the rack, she fell on the ground and kept crying for help.
Everyone on the stage froze.
Zendaya was still quite calm. Being born into the Stoermer family, she had seen quite a
few scenarios as such. However, to a fangirl like Beatrice, it was absolutely terrifying to
watch a living person be smashed to death, with blood splattering all over her. No one
could imagine the terror she was feeling now, unless they were to experience it
“This way!” Alex grabbed Zendaya with one hand and Beatrice with the other as they
ran toward the left side of the stage.
Beatrice was puzzled for a while, she didn’t understand why this masked man had to
drag her along.
However, it was a matter of life and death, she didn’t have the leisure to react at all, she
could only get dragged away like a mummy.


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