The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 354

Zendaya didn’t put much thought into it either, she figured that Alex just did it on a whim.
Just then, a black figure swooped down on top of their heads, trying to assault them.
“Assassin!” Alex let go of Zendaya as his Chi went rampant.
“Dragon-Tusk Punch, full power!”
The assassin came in a flash, yet was defeated in the bat of an eye.
With just one punch from Alex, many of his bones were fractured. He spat blood in the
mid-air as he was sent flying back. After falling to the ground, he took his last breath.
Autumn’s angry yell could be heard from behind. “Hey bastard! What is wrong with you?
Why aren’t you protecting our lady? Why are you even dragging this hardcore fan
Alex turned to her with a sharp glare, his aura was terrifying. “What does it have to do
with you? You better mind your own business first. Your companion is gravely injured
over there, are you just going to leave her?”
“This rack is too big, how am I supposed to save her? Protecting our lady is our utmost
priority, let’s just go!”
Alex turned to the yelping female bodyguard, he just couldn’t bear leaving her like that.
Taking one step forward, he grabbed the heavy, twenty meters long rack with his hands
and stomped hard to the ground.
“Lift!” The metal rack that weighed at least a thousand pounds was lifted by him with
brute force.
The other few people, who were standing aside, were appalled.
Beatrice’s eyes widened, her face was plastered with disbelief. “How could any human
have such tremendous strength?”
The female bodyguard immediately crawled out by using every bit of strength she had
left. With this, Alex had done everything he could.
“Let’s go!”
At this moment, the stadium was already in a complete mess. The audience and the
fans couldn’t care less about Zendaya, they wished dearly they could grow more limbs
so that they could escape from this hellhole as soon as possible.
The security team and officials were pushed aside and knocked over by the panicked
crowd, they were of no use in control of the crowd.
With another crash, an even larger metal rack fell from above and blocked the left
passage to the back stage.
Even the stage had been cratered by the impact of the rack.
Zendaya, Beatrice and the other two fans had chills down their spines, with their feet
trembling in fear.
“To the right! To the right!” Autumn yelled.
Just then, about seven to eight men rushed over from the stage below. All of them had
different skin tones and hairstyles. However, they were all wearing masks like Alex.
At first glance, it looked as if Alex was one of them.
“Miss Zendaya, just take initiative and come with us so that no other innocent people
would get hurt!” A blonde man with blue eyes spoke in fluent English.
At the same time, Norman’s bodyguard, Bruce, finally rushed out from the back stage.
Norman, on the other hand, shouted Zendaya’s name at the right passage.
“Let’s go!”
Autumn grabbed Zendaya’s arm and hurriedly rushed over.”
Beatrice and the others caught up with them too.
Bruce smiled smugly toward Alex. “Hey kiddo, do you dare to stay here and fight off
these punks together?”
Alex initially wanted to stay back to kill all of them, he did not mind if they had to
cooperate to do so.
“Kill them, make it quick!”
The leader of the assassins ordered.
However, just as the assassins were about to attack, Bruce suddenly used the thick bat,
which was as thick as a calf, in his hands and swung it at Alex next to him.
Alex’s waist area got hit, his body flung forward hard due to an incomparable, immense
brute force.
“This is the price of talking back to Mr. Hansen, kiddo!” Bruce laughed hysterically and
retreated with his bat in his hands.
Just as everyone else was stunned, Bruce rushed to the passage.
Norman, who had
been preparing well for a while just for this moment, immediately closed the door shut
after Bruce had entered.
Zendaya turned around and realized that Alex wasn’t with them. So, she asked, “Where
did that guy go?”


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