The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 355

Bruce might be a big fellow who looked like an idiot, yet he was quite cunning and had
many bad ideas running through his head.
Upon hearing Zendaya’s question, he replied, “That arrogant kiddo thought that I would
get in his way, so he chased me out. He wanted to handle those guys alone.”
Autumn nodded and said, “That’s right, this is indeed his arrogant trait.
Zendaya, there’s
no time to lose, we have to hurry.”
Bruce led the whole group to the exit whereas Autumn dragged Zendaya with her. On
the hand, Norman took a glance at the stage and spat onto the ground before quickly
following the others.
‘Dumbass, this is what you get for going against me!’
That was Norman’s thought at the moment.
Beatrice and the other two lucky fans could only look at each other as they did not know
what to do. They weren’t sure if they should follow the group, or stay there.
“What do we do? I’m so scared. ”
“Those people are after Zendaya. We might walk right into danger if we were to follow
them. Why don’t we just hide for now?”
“Hey, you there. Do you know the masked guy who dragged you earlier? You… You
should just go. Don’t come near us, or you’ll put us in danger!”
Beatrice had been targeted.
Of course, anyone would prioritise their lives more than anything, especially when one
was facing a matter of life and death.
Beatrice was about to cry. Listening to the screams and loud crashes like house
demolition coming from the stage, her heart jumped in fear and shock. She suddenly
remembered that Alex had warned her to not come to the concert yesterday.
‘Jerk, he must have jinxed it!’ Beatrice thought.
“But I don’t know who that masked guy is! ” Beatrice said panickily.
However, the two didn’t believe her one bit. One of them even picked up a stick on the
ground and pointed at her as she shouted, “Are you going to get lost or not? If you
don’t, I’ll beat you to death!”
Beatrice was horrified, all she could do was run toward the exit.
The other two fans then looked for a place to hide after chasing Beatrice out.
Just as Beatrice rushed out of the passage, Alex kicked the shut door open and sent it
flying. Alex, who was completely drenched in blood, walked into the passage. Of
course, none of the blood on his body belonged to him. However, his clothes were quite
At this moment, he was in a towering rage with an angry expression on his face.
Since the moment Alex met Bruce, he did not trust Bruce and had been defensive
around him. Because of this, he was able to activate the Mystic Armor as soon as Bruce
hit him with a bat.
If he hadn’t activated it in time, the blow would have broken his spine.
This man actually tried to ambush Alex at such a situation, it was obvious as to how evil
and cunning he was… Alex knew he had to take revenge.
At this moment, the stage was filled with corpses of those hitmen, there were six in total.
All of their corpses looked horrifying, all their limbs were broken and even lost parts of
their bodies.
The female bodyguard, who had her legs crushed by the thousand pound metal rack
earlier, was now drenched in blood as she laid on the ground, suffering fractures in
multiple areas.
Facing the nine assassins, Alex used the metal rack as a weapon and swung it violently
at them.
The sight of his attacks at the time were insanely shocking.
All the assassins couldn’t help but feel that their minds were being trampled on by a
stampede of llamas. Were they certain that they did not go into a wrong superhero
movie set where The Hulk went on a rampage?
Why else could there be such a maniac
whose body did not look sturdy, yet he had immense strength of a brute?
Six of the assassins had died from the impact caused by Alex’s metal rack.
The other three dared not stay any longer to await their demise, so they hurriedly
rushed and blended with the crowd.
Did no one in the audience see any of this?
Of course they did, furthermore it was not a minority! It was just that everyone was busy
escaping, most only caught a glimpse of the scene and rushed outside with the others…
This was all due to the fire in the stadium having already gone out of control.
Just as Beatrice walked out of the passage, she noticed Zendaya and the others were
standing in certain positions inside the inner stadium, with a few men blocking their way.
At first glance, these men were foreigners, all of them were carrying weapons as well.
One of them was even holding a bow… Zendaya’s female bodyguard, who was next to
her, had an arrow in her stomach and was currently holding onto her wound as she
arched forward with a painful expression.


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