The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 356

She was still bleeding profusely.
Beatrice knew that that bodyguard was called Autumn. Panicked, she hurriedly
retreated to the passage as she secretly scanned around the area. Her legs were
trembling in fear, she couldn’t even stand up straight. Just then, a short man with dark
skin appeared next to her out of nowhere.
“Heyo, there’s a little shawty here too, you look quite pretty!”
“Hahaha, you are mine now, I’ll be having quite a feast tonight!” The short man grabbed
Beatrice and dragged her out.
“Ah!” Beatrice screamed out of fear, crying hysterically. She could imagine her terrible
If this black man were to bring her back, she would suffer a fate worse than death…
was rumoured that black men were particularly developed down there compared to the
average men. Moreover, this man might have caught some type of STD. When the time
came, she would rather die than to suffer such a fate.
Regret finally flooded Beatrice’s thoughts. She regretted coming to Zendaya’s concert.
She knew that she should have listened to Alex and stayed at home.
“F*ck, Ghost, you damn pervert! This is not time for you to look for women, get your *ss
back here!”
“Finish these two men off first! ” Among the assassins, a bald man, who was covered in
tattoos and wearing a skull mask, angrily said.
“Oh, you bald old man. You guys are too weak, you have not captured them till now! ”
Ghost said nonchalantly.
After slamming Beatrice hard onto his shoulders, he continued to walk forward step by
step with a smirk on his face.
Beatrice couldn’t stop crying.
Norman was finally terrified, so he hurriedly waved his hands and said, “Please, guys,
you’re here for Zendaya.
I have no relation to her, I’m just a nobody!”
Zendaya looked at him with disappointment, her eyes were filled with hopelessness.
The bald old man replied, “A nobody? Then we’ll just kill you on the way.”
“No no no!” Norman hurriedly pointed at Bruce. “He, he’s my bodyguard, a Mystic
ranked fighter! You may have a lot of men and weapons, but you wouldn’t be able to
handle a Mystic ranked fighter easily, right? Just let us go and you can have Zendaya
for all I care!”
Autumn was enraged as she said, “Norman Hansen, how could you just say that?
you chasing after our lady? Yet here you are handing over her to the bad guys just so
you can escape, you’re such a jerk!”
Norman furiously replied, “At least a jerk is better than a dead person, right? Anyway,
Zendaya, I’ve been chasing after you for such a long time, yet you damn woman
wouldn’t even let me hold your hand! You deserve this!”
Zendaya shook her head.
“Just go, this has nothing to do with you anyway.”
She then pointed at Autumn and Beatrice, who was still draping onto Ghost’s shoulders.
“Let them go and I’ll go with you.”
Ghost shook his head. “No, this girl is mine, I won’t let her go. I have to teach her some
Kama Sutra tonight after all!”
Upon listening to this, Beatrice couldn’t help but tremble in fear.
Just then, a weird noise came from the exit of the passage.
Clank! Clank! Clank! Clank!
It was the sound of metal being dragged across the floor.
Alex, who bathed in blood, dragged a long angle iron and walked out of the passage.
His gaze was ice cold and his body was enveloped in an aura of murderous intent, as if
he were the Grim Reaper who climbed out of hell.
“Let her go!” His expressionless eyes laid upon Ghost.
At this moment, Beatrice lifted her head. Shocked yet confused, she was also
pleasantly surprised that the masked guy didn’t die and he seemed to be asking this
black man to let her go.
Autumn yelled, “Hey jerk, who are you actually trying to protect here?! Is this fan your
wife or your sister?”


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