The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 357

Autumn had really made the right guess.
Beatrice was indeed Alex’s sister, even though she’s his sister-in-law. However, Alex
didn’t utter a word as he didn’t want to
reveal his identity to Beatrice.
At the same time, Bruce stared blankly at Alex.
He was sure that his ambush with the
wooden hat on the waist area earlier would be enough to take down even an unguarded
Mystic ranked fighter, breaking their spines and ending up with hemiplegia. Moreover,
he knew that those nine foreign assassins were all extremely skilled fighters by sensing
their Chi.
Yet, Alex was here, well and alive. How did he do it?
Zendaya immediately spoke up, “You idiot! Hurry and run! Don’t come any nearer, they
have a crossbow!”
Zendaya’s thought was simple. She didn’t think that Alex could be of help at all even if
he were to come over, he would just end up as an extra corpse. No matter how strong
he was, could he be any stronger than Bruce, a Mystic ranked fighter Furthermore, even
a strong fighter like Bruce had already admitted defeat!
Regardless of her warnings, Alex’s eyes were fixated on Ghost.
Beatrice may be a despicable brat that he couldn’t help but slap her, but she was still his
sister-in-law and Dorothy’s sister. 80, he couldn’t just stand back and do nothing.
Compared to Zendaya, Beatrice took the cake here.
“I said, let her go!” Alex repeated his sentence as he tightened his grip around the angle
Ghost turned around slightly and gave Alex a side-eye glance. He chuckled and said,
“What if I don’t want to? This woman is my trophy…”
Before he could finish his sentence, Ghost’s words trailed off. A piece of angle iron
instantly penetrated his throat.
Beatrice, whose back was hunched over by half, happened to witness such a bloody
scene that she could never forget for the rest of her life. Ghost’s blood was even
splattered all over her body.
“Ah!” Beatrice’ s vision darkened as she fainted out of shock.
Everyone at the scene fell silent.
It happened all too fast. Alex’s speed was so fast that no one could react in such a short
“Attack!” The bald old man roared.
The four assassins immediately got into action.
More importantly, Alex could sense that he was being attacked with mental attack as
It wasn’t from Zendaya, but the bald old man. This man was actually skilled in
mental attacks.
Bruce and Norman were in trance. After being swept by the mental attack, the two’s
minds went blank for a brief moment
The remaining three assassins split up, one rushed toward Bruce, one rushed toward
Norman, the last one targeted Alex. These men clearly understood the bald old man’s
abilities, hence they could cooperate flawlessly with such swift movements.
They knew that once the opponent was inflicted with the mental attack, they would
temporarily space out. To any assassins, one second of spacing out would be enough
for them to kill their targets.
Norman, who was just an average man, couldn’t block the assassin’s blow at all. With
just one cut, his throat was sliced open. When he snapped back to reality, he realized
that a large amount of blood was gushing out from his neck. He could feel that his death
was approaching. So, he tried to cover his neck with all his might to prevent the blood
from gushing out, as his face was full of fear and disbelief.
He was the young, rich heir of Star Entertainment. He could have anything he wanted
as long as he said so.
Many women would willingly throw themselves at him. Yet all of
this would come to an end, right at this moment.
Bruce was a strong Mystic ranked fighter who excelled in brute force. Plus, he was tall
and strong. The assassin would have to jump up if he ever wanted to slice his throat.
Hence, the assassin decided to stab his heart.
However, to his demise, the dagger did not pierce his heart, it snapped him back into
reality instead.
“F*ck!” The assassin froze as he had never seen anything like this.
Bruce was enraged so he grabbed the assassin and kneed him in the gut.
Then, he
realized that Norman was beyond salvation. He thought, ‘Damn it!’
Just then, an arrow was shot fiercely right into Bruce’s stomach. “Argh!”
Even so, Bruce seemed to have the vitality of a cockroach, he still didn’t die from these
two attacks.


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