The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 358

Bruce broke the arrow in half and cackled. “You punks, do you really think you can kill
me with such weak attempts? I am made of steel, fortified with brute force after training
through brute strength! All you did was give me a scratch, what can you do?”
With that, he then turned to Alex. Compared to the assassins, Alex was much more
The instantaneous killing speed earlier was just so fast that even Bruce
himself couldn’t react in time. If Alex had enough strength, he might be able to break his
brute defense. However, after turning around, he couldn’t spot Alex. Meanwhile, the
assassin who tried to attack Alex earlier had already fallen to the ground, with his neck
snapped after making a complete 180 degree turn. That assassin was most definitely
“Oh f*ck!” Bruce could sense a life threatening presence as a chilling sensation gushed
up from his sole to his head. He was about to activate his strongest brute force as his
defense, but to no avail as the bald guy activated his mental attack on him once again.
Bruce could feel a stinging pain in his head as his ears rang.
Just then, a dagger, which approached the speed to break the sound barrier, was
stabbed hard into his back.
The dagger was then twisted hard, carving into his wound
even further.
“Ah!” Bruce screamed in pain.
After turning around, he noticed Alex who was standing right behind him.
“You… You, how dare you?!”
“To return the favor!” Alex said in a cold tone.
Seeing this happened right before her eyes, Zendaya was in complete shock. However,
she quickly regained her composure and was certain that Bruce had ambushed Alex
back at the stage.
“So you actually are unfazed by my mental attacks!”
The bald guy knew that he was in trouble.
It was within his expectation that Zendaya
wouldn’t be affected by his mental attacks, but he didn’t expect such a skilled fighter like
Alex could be immune to it too. The consequence would be very severe as it was not
within his plan at all.
However, he had no idea why Alex betrayed Bruce and killed him off.
On the other hand, Autumn yelled, “You maniac! You are definitely a maniac! You
actually killed Bruce! Can you not tell that this is not a good time to turn against each
other? Are you an idiot?”
Alex’s eyes were as cold as a frosty knife as he shot a dirty glare at Autumn. “Say
nonsense again, I’ll kill you off too!”
Then, he turned to Zendaya. “Come here.”
The bald guy, who was decisive, immediately shot an arrow at Zendaya. He wasn’t
aiming for any of her vitals because Zendaya was still of use to him.
He just needed to
use such a method to stall Alex.
After shooting the arrow, the bald guy immediately made a run for it.
“Ah, my lady!” Autumn screamed as she widened her eyes.
As the arrow got closer and was about to land on her, Zendaya widened her eyes as
well and couldn’t move a muscle due to shock.
At such a critical moment, Alex fiercely leaped onto Zendaya and wrapped her in his
arms, taking the arrow with his back for her… The arrow that was shot at a short
distance was indeed powerful. After all, it could break Bruce’s defensive brute force, it
even made a hole on Alex’s Mystic Armor.
It was fortunate that the tyrannical Chi of the Force had blocked this attack for him.
The arrow only penetrated three centimeters into his skin, but it didn’t cause any major
Zendaya, on the other hand, was shocked as Alex actually took the arrow for her.
“You… Why are you so dumb?” Looking at the arrow at his back, Zendaya’s eyes
However, Alex said coldly, “You’re the dummy!”
He dropped off Zendaya and backhandedly took the arrow off his back.
With a gliding
dash, he stabbed hard the arrow into the back of an assassin who was trying to run
away… This man was the one who killed Norman.
Immediately after, he dashed and chased after the bald guy.
“Trying to escape? It’s too late!”
“Mental power, break him!”
Alex had been slapped with mental attacks twice by the bald guy earlier, yet he had
blocked them out. With this, he came to a new understanding of mental attacks. He then
slapped the bald guy right across the face.
The bald guy, who fell to the ground unexpectedly, stared at Alex with immense fear.
“You actually can use mental attacks too?”


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