The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 359

Crack! Crack!
Alex didn’t have much to say to him, so he just lifted his foot and smashed all of his
Only then did he let out a deep sigh, with a slightly pale expression on his face. It was
not due to killing a person, but because of the drastic mental strength consumption after
using a mental attack. It felt as if he hadn’t slept for days and he could collapse anytime
This was mainly due to the limitation of his newly developed mental power, unlike an
insane powerhouse like Zendaya. He actually thought of a question. Considering
Zendaya had such a terrifying talent in mental power, if she could deeply control the
power and use it to attack others, none of these assassins would be a match for her.
If she could do that, would she still be a damsel in distress who needed to rely
completely on others to save her?
Alex was initially worried that there might be more assassins coming after them, but
soon the security team and officials came to their rescue.
The danger was resolved as of now.
At this moment, Zendaya stared at Alex, who was covered in blood as if he were a devil,
with a mixed look in her eyes. Just a while ago, Alex had taken an arrow for her. She
was so touched at that very moment.
Never did she expect that he flung her away in the
next second and even called her a dummy. She thought, ‘How annoying!’
Alex walked back to her and said, “I’ll leave the rest to you now, I’m leaving.”
“Hey, you’re hurt too. Don’t you need to go to the hospital for treatment? You look pretty
pale,” Zendaya immediately replied. She was appalled as she thought, ‘You’re actually
going to leave in such a state?’
“Don’t worry, I’m a doctor myself.” Alex casually took out a Blood Energy Pill and
consumed it. Then, he walked over to Beatrice and picked her up.
Watching him protect her fan time and time again, she even felt that she was not as
important as that fan. Zendaya felt a burst of inexplicable frustration. ‘Am I really no
better than one fan?’
Autumn couldn’t help but yell at him again, “Hey Rockefeller, I really don’t understand
you. You’re here to protect our lady. Why are you so focused on saving a hardcore fan?
You threw our lady aside just for her too! Could it be that you want to pursue her?”
Alex replied indifferently. “She’s my sister.”
“What? She’s actually your sister?” The two stared in disbelief.
After that, a few officials immediately blocked Alex’s way when they noticed that he was
carrying an unconscious girl and leaving the scene… Since so many internationally
famous people died at the scene, including Norman Hansen, the young heir of Star
Entertainment and the six corpses on the stage, it was too shocking to the point it was
no less than an earthquake. Therefore, any related people must be thoroughly
However, after Alex showed his Divine Constabulary tag, the few officials immediately
bowed down and saluted him.
Seeing this, Zendaya and Autumn couldn’t help but feel appalled.
Autumn’s eyes glistened. “Could it be that he…”
Zendaya nodded. “I’m afraid that’s the only explanation. I should’ve known that.”
“But he called himself a doctor.”
“Do you really believe doctors could have such excellent fighting skills?”
After leaving the stadium smoothly and placing Beatrice down in a corner, Alex
channeled a stream of Chi into her. Then, he left without a word.
Ring! Ring! Ring!
Suddenly, a call came in.
Beatrice hurriedly picked up the call and realized that it was a call from Mona Weiss.
She was a Zendaya’s fan as well, they had come to watch the concert with a few other
“Beatrice, where are you?”
“I… I don’t know either. I think this is the rear entrance of the stadium.”
“Oh gosh, you had us worried sick. We thought something had happened to you!
be waiting for you in front of the security guard house at the front gate. Come here
“Alright, alright, I’ll be there soon.”
Beatrice hung up and rushed toward the front gate. Alex, on the other hand, did not go
far. He was actually hiding in a dark corner. After watching Beatrice leave safely, he took
his phone out and made a call. “Waltz, come pick me up. I’m at the back entrance of
California State Stadium.”


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