The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 36

The next morning, Alex found himself waking up at his mother’s bedside.
He realized that he had trained the whole night away. So, he felt sticky and uncomfortable.
He looked down at himself and what met his eyes shocked him.
His body was covered in sticky black oil. It smelt disgusting and strong.
He knew that he had used his ancestor’s Chi to train for the Force. This helped him cleanse his entire body. Although he was uncomfortable from the sticky goop, he felt extremely energized despite training for the whole night. His body and mind were both refreshed and his core coursed with Chi.
He turned to Brittany, she was still fast asleep. But her condition seemed better now.
This made him believe that it was not a dream.
He immediately rushed to the bathroom in the ward and took a shower. However, his clothes were dirty as well, and they smelt disgusting.
“Well, I guess I have to go back to the Ass*x’s residence!”
After Brittany woke up, Alex talked to her for a brief while and headed towards the Ass*xes’s place.
However, he saw that his luggage had been thrown out of the Ass*xes’s mansion yet again. Claire was even cutting up his clothes into pieces.
Alex could feel his anger exploding like a volcano in his head.
He rushed over and snatched the scissors right out of her hands, “What’s your problem? Why are you cutting up my clothes?”
Claire was merciless. “This is my house, so what if I’m cutting them up? You’re not part of our family from now on. We don’t take pests in any way! Also, sign these divorce papers.”
Claire then took a small stack of divorce papers out from the mansion.
Alex asked helplessly, “Where did you get these?”
Claire replied, “Dorothy wrote them. She prepared them from quite a while back.”
Alex didn’t want to believe a word she said. He huffed, “Oh don’t you worry, I’ll definitely move out. However, I won’t be signing these, I want Dorothy to confront me herself!”
After that, he picked up a few personal documents and left his other stuff laying on the ground. He didn’t need them anymore.
“Where are the keys? Give them back. You could live under a bridge for all I care!”
Alex threw the keys at her and smiled. “It doesn’t concern you as to where I’m living. Be it under a bridge or in a 5-star hotel!”
Claire scoffed, “Hmph, a 5-star hotel? I bet you can’t even afford living in a dog shelter! Get out of my house! I’ll find a better husband for Dorothy, someone who is much, much better than you, you useless piece of sh*t! Even Spark is way better than you!”
Alex was extremely triggered by the name ‘Spark’. He kicked the well at the side out of anger.
With a loud crash, the well was smashed into pieces.
Claire’s eyes widened in shock. She couldn’t say a word and stared at Alex with a terrified expression.
She waited until he had walked away from the mansion before she dared to continue yelling at him then.
After leaving the Ass*x mansion, Alex received a phone call from Cheryl.
He picked the call up immediately, “Hello? Dr. Coney, did something happen to Mom?”
Cheryl smiled. “Nope, your mother is fine. She’s doing pretty well actually. I’m calling you because my grandfather wants to see you.”
“Huh? You grandfather? The legendary doctor of California, James Coney?”
Medical experts were usually well known in the area. A legend was just a mere title.
James Coney, however, was truly a legendary doctor in California. Everyone knew just how knowledgeable he was.
Alex was confused and asked, “Dr. Coney, what business does your grandfather have with me?”
Cheryl didn’t tell him straightforwardly, she only said, “You’ll know when you see him. Go visit your mother first, I’ll pick you up at the hospital.”


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