The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 360

At the front gate of the stadium, Beatrice immediately flung herself into Mona’s arms
and cried hysterically as soon as she saw her.
“Ah! What happened to you, Beatrice? There’s so much blood on you!”
“Have you gotten hurt?”
Beatrice shook her head. “No, it’s someone else’s. Just now, I was captured. Luckily
one of Zendaya’s bodyguards saved me.”
As she spoke, the image of Alex’s brave actions flooded her mind.
At her most hopeless, helpless and saddest moment, that masked man, as if an angel
who descended from Heaven, came to save her from that black man. He even killed the
bad guys with a blade.
She had been dreaming of being in love with a warrior since childhood.
Hence, she
couldn’t help but feel extremely excited when she thought about that man.
“Mona, I’m in love!” She suddenly said.
“What?” Mona was puzzled. “With who? Could it be Wilson Jordan?”
Mona felt the need to ask, because she had a crush on Wilson too.
Beatrice shook her head. “It’s not Wilson, but a masked bodyguard! I’ve fallen
hopelessly in love with him!”
Mona placed her hand on her forehead. “Oh my god, have you gone mad?”
Just then, one of their classmates spoke up, “Let’s go now. I heard some assassins
came here just to kill Zendaya, it’s too dangerous to lurk around the area. We have to
go home.”
At the same time, the news of Zendaya’s assassination had spread through the internet.
Due to her influence as a superstar, when the news came out, it spread through the
entire America like a typhoon. In just half an hour, the news peaked on Twitter’s
headline and appeared in many trendy search rankings of other social platforms. The
top five trending hashtags were about the concert.
Zendaya’s safety had caught countless people’s attention. Many of her friends had
called just to inquire about her situation and comfort her.
At 11.30 p.m., Zendaya posted a tweet. “I’m alright, don’t worry.”
At 11.35 p.m., she hurriedly posted another tweet. “I’m sorry to have scared all of my
beautiful fans. We’ll be sure to compensate for today’s accident later.
If any of you were
hurt during the incident, please kindly send us an email… I’m still alive, but one of my
bodyguards has passed. My other three bodyguards were severely hurt as well. I hope
they’re safe.”
At 11.40 p.m., a video was posted online, it was the tyrannical scene of Alex wildly
swinging the large metal rack and fighting off nine assassins on the stage.
The video
was unlmowingly recorded by someone. The camera was quite far from the stage, but it
could clearly capture the masked man who fought maniacally and killed off the
In an instant, countless comments were left below the video.
“All hail our masked hero!”
“Thank you Mask for sacrificing yourself to save our one and only goddess.”
“Mask, I’d love to bear your children…”
Everyone started making lewd comments later on.
Alex had no idea what was happening at the time, he couldn’t care less either. As soon
as Waltz approached him, only then did he feel relieved and fainted right away.
At Ass*x Villa, Claire and Dorothy were concerned yet wanted to scold Beatrice for her
carelessness as they saw her covered in blood. After watching the news and imagining
this brat somehow managed to escape death by a miracle, Claire was petrified.
then slapped Beatrice hard across the face.
Beatrice rushed up to her room and slammed her door shut.
After doing so, she started to go online to gather information. With just a few clicks, she
was able to find some information on Mask and the video as well.
Watching the video
over and over, she could feel her heart pounding harder and harder. In the end, her
adoration turned into shyness, and she commented under the post. “Thank you, Mask!
I’d like to bear your children any day!”


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