The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 361

The topic about Mask had caused an uproar on the internet due to the shocking factor
of the video, everyone couldn’t help but inexplicably felt as if they were watching the
superhero The Hulk in action. It was quirky and exciting. Along with Zendaya’s
popularity, Mask managed to trend on social media for quite a while.
Among the topics that were discussed on that day, Mask’s popularity had actually
exceeded Zendaya and topped the trending hashtag on social media.
However, Mask was just a masked man, it was a mere alias. None of the outsiders
knew his real identity, all they knew was that he was one of Zendaya’s bodyguards.
Some also tried asking Zendaya about his identity, but she refused to reveal any
Hence, even if Beatrice pulled an all-nighter and tried looking for every bit
of information about Mask on the internet, she couldn’t possibly find out his identity.
If she were to know that Mask was Alex, how would she react by then?
Alex had a long, good night’s sleep. He even had a wonderful dream.
In the dream, he
had both Dorothy and Cheryl in his arms, Waltz was at the side waiting for her turn as
well. It was really the pinnacle of his life. However, Claire suddenly showed up in a
bikini, saying that she wanted to bear his children, which caused him to wake up in
After waking up, he realized someone was lying next to him, it was Waltz. Her beautiful
eyes did not blink as she stared at him.
“Uhm, Waltz… Why are you sleeping here?” Alex asked in surprise.
Waltz replied, “This is my bed. If I’m not sleeping here, where else should I sleep?”
“Oh!” He blinked his eyes and hurriedly jumped off the bed.
Just then, he immediately jumped back into the bed and covered himself with the
Puzzled, he asked, “Where are my clothes?”
Waltz yawned slothfully as she stretched her tender arms and moved them for a bit.
Then, she said, “You’re really asking that? How could I let you wear it, with so much
blood on it? Do you even know how long it took me to bathe you clean? My hands are
so sore!”
“You even bathed me?”
Do you not like that, Senior? You even had this smirk on your face when you
were fast asleep. Did you dream about sleeping with the superstar Zendaya?”
She had seen the news on the internet as well. From what she had seen when she
picked Alex up, it was obvious that Alex was the Mask that everyone was talking about.
“Mask, so many people want to bear your children!”
Alex replied, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. Please go out and help me get
some clean clothes. I have to shower again.”
Ten minutes later, Alex put on a… Waltz’s nightgown.
That was because only this super long nightgown in her house could fit Alex’s figure.
“Senior, just make do with this gown for now. I’m a single woman at my place, you
know? How could I have any men’s clothing?” Waltz chuckled lightly and didn’t forget to
pull out her phone to snap various pictures as well. In the end, she batted her eyes
flirtatiously and said, “Why don’t you stay here from now on? I’ll buy you a full closet of
men’s clothing.”
Alex was too lazy to care about her flirting. More importantly, he couldn’t be able to
endure any more flirting! He was worried that he might not be able to control himself if
she were to make any more advances.
Looking at the time, it was already one o’clock in the afternoon. He had indeed slept for
a fairly long time.
“Senior, what happened to you last night? You fell asleep as soon as you saw me. I
couldn’t wake you up at all, I almost wanted to send you to the hospital,” Waltz asked
In fact, last night she had a private doctor from Thousand Miles Conglomerate to come
over and check up on him too. Otherwise, she just couldn’t sit still without making sure
that he was safe. However, after a proper check up, the doctor said that Alex had
passed out from fatigue.
Alex then ate some instant noodles that Waltz had made for him.
After pondering for a brief moment, he said, “Nothing really. I was trying out a new
fighting skill but the consumption was too much. So, I can’t use it in actual fights for
The attacks using mental powers really took up way too much of his energy, it was
completely beyond his control. It was fortunate that the bald guy was the only assassin
left standing, or else he wouldn’t be able to handle them at all. Hence, if it weren’t for
last resort, he knew that he couldn’t use it freely.
“Senior, you promised to help me modify my cultivation method. When are you going to
do that for me?” Waltz clinged to him and pressed her body against his. “I’ve sacrificed
a lot for you last night, you know?
I had to warm the bed for you and that was my very
first time bathing a man… I should be given credit for the hard work, if not for merit.”
This time, Waltz managed to arouse Alex with her flirts, leading him to grab her by the


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