The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 363

“Ah, it’s Mr. Rockefeller! Then… You should go. Be back soon. Remember to come
back before dinner.” Keith smiled hesitantly as his eyes glistened.
Michelle waved her hand. “I’ll be off now then. I don’t know what he wants me to help
him with. If I come back late, you guys can have dinner without me.”
With that, she immediately hopped in joy and left the manor.
Scott frowned slightly, he seemed a little upset. Michelle was his fiancé after all. He had
travelled miles from Alaska for a visit. Since they had not seen each other in three
years, she should be accompanying him at all times. Yet, she actually ditched him to
see someone else. That was really uncalled-for.
However, he knew that it was just his suspicion, he couldn’t bring himself to ask at all.
Evan, on the other hand, just asked nonchalantly, “Hey old man, who is this Alex guy?
Could he be more important than Scott?”
Colin had an uneasy look in his eyes and just lowered his head to drink his tea silently.
Keith replied, “Don’t misunderstand. Mr. Rockefeller is a doctor, my life was saved by
him. At the same time, he’s also Michelle’s doctor because she had suffered some
injuries during the cultivation of martial arts. Maybe, he asked her to go for a check up!”
That happened?” Scott was a little surprised.
However, Scott noticed Colin and the few others’ odd expressions. He thought, ‘Could
they be hiding something from me? There’s no way that Michelle was dating someone
else now, right?’
He then thought of his status as the young lord of the Pattingson family. Wouldn’t he
become the laughing stock of Alaska if he were to be cuckolded?
Hence, he immediately signalled Evan with his eyes.
Evan understood his intention and immediately stood up. “Old man, Bro Colin, it’s pretty
late now. I have something to do, so I’ll excuse myself too.”
Of course, Evan headed off to chase after Michelle.
The youthful lady with huge busts drove the Aston Martin to Maple Villa 8 and noticed
Alex, who was sitting in the courtyard and basking in sunlight. She rushed to him and
excitedly said, “Alex, did you know that something big happened yesterday?”
Due to the vigorous bouncing motion of her huge racks, Alex couldn’t help but take
another few glances. He calmly replied, “What is it about something big? Your period
“How did you know that?”
She paused for a brief moment and continued, “I’m not talking about my period. It’s
Zendaya, do you know who she is? Don’t tell me you don’t even know her.”
“I know!”
“Some assassins were after her yesterday, but some guy called Mask came to her
rescue! That great man was really skilled, I feel he’s much stronger than me.”
Alex had seen that post too. To his surprise, he could actually become trendy on the
internet using such a method. He was lucky to have listened to Anna’s advice and wore
a cap and mask. Otherwise, all of his personal information would have been dug up and
published online.
After all, those cybertroopers were extremely terrifying. If one were to
mess up, they would be ruined for life.
“Train well and you will surpass him for sure.” Alex said dismissively, “Where’s
Priscialla’s blood?”
“Oh, here you go!”
Alex to ok the bottle of blood and opened it. After taking a few sniffs, he nodded with
satisfaction. It was indeed the blood of Kyuhelios Pulse.
“Alright, run along now!” Alex ordered.
Michelle jumped.
“Hey, what’s the big idea? I came all the way here just to give you
something, yet you’re chasing me away after you got what you wanted? You didn’t even
offer me a sip of water!”
“I need to hurry and concoct medicine for Jack Trent’s wife.”
“That must be fun! We can work together, I’ll be your sidekick I can even give you a
massage when you’re feeling tired.” With that, she clinged to Alex’s arm as they walked
into the villa.
Michelle actually did not want to go home to hear Scott’s bragging.
Somewhere not far away from the villa, Evan witnessed the entire scene. His
expression was filled with shock, but more of mockery.
Although he claimed to be Scott’s underling, the Laws family’s background was quite
powerful too. Despite this, Scott was just insanely more skilled than him in any field.
More importantly, Scott always put on a smug face. Hence, Evan had been desiring to
see him to be turned into a laughing stock for once.
What else could be more humiliating than being cuckolded?
On the other hand, Evan had a sister who was very interested in Scott. She had nagged
Evan to help her realize her dream multiple times, and this was a chance to do so.


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