The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 364

“Cuck, cuck, cuck. Boss, you’ve been cucked!”
Scott, who just went into the restroom, received a call from Evan and heard such words.
“What do you mean?”
“Boss, you have been cuckolded! Michelle cheated on you and just met up with a man
outside! I saw it with my very own eyes, she acted intimately with a young man, and
even clinged to his arm as they walked into a villa.
Oh my, I’m afraid that they might
have done it already!”
In that instant, Scott’s expression darkened, he almost stepped into the squat toilet with
his foot. Soon after, he calmed himself down. “Evan, don’t joke around. I trust Michelle,
and I’m not interested in your sister at all.”
“Do you not believe me, boss? I’ll send you the photo now.”
In a brief moment, Scott received a photo, it was a photo of Michelle clinging to Alex’s
arm. However, it was taken from a distance, so it was quite blurry.
“That’s nothing, right?!” Scott texted back.
“No way. Boss, how could you endure such humiliation? Did you watch too much Ninja
Turtles? Okay then, I’ll go take some more shocking photos!”
Scott clenched his fists hard, his expression twisted. He didn’t look anywhere near his
usual arrogant and calm self.
His eyes were fixated on Michelle and Alex in the photo as he said in a cold tone, “Both
of you better be innocent, or else I’ll have the whole Yowell family buried along with
Alex, on the other hand, had no idea that he had been targeted.
In the basement of the Villa, while holding the bottle of blood, Alex started to dispense
an antidote to cure the parasitic disease in Jack’s wife, Leanne. The dispensing of the
antidote was not hard, in fact it was much easier than pill concoction. The main function
of the ingredients mainly depended on the fresh blood of Kyuhelios Pulse, the rest just
acted as boosters.
Twenty minutes later, the dispensing of the antidote was complete. He immediately
gave Jack a call and made an appointment to have Leanne take the antidote as soon as
possible. This was because the antidote had an expiration time after dispensing, its
efficacy would be completely lost after a long time.
“It’s already done? This is great news! Thank you so much, Mr. Rockefeller! I’ll pick my
wife up now. Where are you now? How about we meet up with you in a bit?”
Jack was overjoyed to receive his call.
Only God knew that both the spouses had been waiting for Alex’s calls every single day.
They were just reluctant to take initiative and ask him about the antidote.
Alex pondered for a brief while and said, “I’ll go to your place in two hours!”
After putting down his phone, Alex’s ears twitched gently. Then, he turned to Michelle
and said, “Did you hear anything?”
Michelle did not notice it earlier. After his reminder, she focused on her hearing too. Two
seconds later, she said, “Someone’s here, they’re trying to be sneaky too. Who could it
Alex smiled. “Time for your little test then. Let’s see if you’ve improved recently.”
“Rest assured!” Michelle was very confident of her recent improvement and she wanted
to show Alex her skills right there and then.
Meanwhile, the one who sneaked into the villa was obviously Evan Laws.
In order to get shocking intel on Michelle’s two-timing, he specifically stayed outside for
a brief while before sneaking into the villa. However, he noticed a Benz parked in front
of the villa.
At a glance at the number plate, he felt extremely familiar. In the next
moment, realization hit him… What the f*ck, wasn’t this the deathly Benz that had sped
past him on the highway a few days ago?’
“Interesting, this is just so interesting!”
Evan was also an Advanced-Royal ranked fighter. He was confident that with his
abilities, he would be able to sneak into the villa without any issue.
Never did he expect that a girly shout roared next his ears as soon as he sneaked into
the villa. Shortly after, he saw a punch flying toward his face. It was way too fast, Evan
couldn’t dodge it at all.
With a loud impact, Evan’s nose started bleeding. He yelped in pain, with tears
streaming down his face like rivers.
“Evan Laws, so it was you! You sissy!” After taking a clear look at Evan, Michelle was
instantly enraged. “Were you following me? Did Scott tell you to do that?”
Evan pinched his nose and stared at Alex, who was behind Michelle and slowly
approaching him with an expressionless face. He huffed coldly. “Michelle, you’re Scott’s
fiancé, yet you’re here fooling around with this guy in the villa and cheating on him! Do
you not realize that you are being unfaithful to him? How could you have the face to
marry into the Pattingson family when you’re just a good for nothing slut?”
Michelle exploded in anger. “What did you say?! You damn sissy, do you have a death
wish? Who said I wanted to marry into the Pattingson family?”
After rolling her huge eyes, Michelle hugged Alex abruptly. “Go back and tell Scott that I
have indeed cheated on him. What is he going to do about it then? I’m also pregnant
with my husband’s child. I, Michelle Yowell will choose the man that I’m going to marry.”


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