The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 365

‘What?’ Evan’s face was pale out of shock, as if he had seen a ghost.
He actually said such harsh words earlier on purpose, just to piss Michelle off. He then
intended to break the marriage arrangement between Scott and Michelle. It would be
the best if Scott somehow accepted his sister when he was discouraged.
Never did he expect that Michelle actually came up with such a shocking declaration.
Not only did she cheat on Scott, but she was also pregnant with another man’s child!
Evan was overjoyed and almost let out a laugh. He could imagine how gloomy and
frustrated Scott would look after receiving such news. When the time came, could he
still act arrogantly? He couldn’t possibly put up his arrogance pretence and said smugly,
“Look, I have been cuckolded. Could any of you guys be a greater cuckold than me?”
‘Haha, haha!’
Thinking about this, Evan actually bursted into laughter.
“Are you insane? What are you laughing at?” Michelle fumed.
“Haha, can I not have a good laugh? You know how arrogant Scott is, yet he, of all
people, is getting cheated on! This is just too interesting! Don’t worry, I’ll definitely tell
him every single word that you just said, and then…
May both of you live happily ever
after for the rest of your life together and give birth to a son soon. Oh, you already have
one, then… I wish both you and your baby safe and sound!”
Evan couldn’t wait to tell Scott such “good news”.
Alex stood still, expressionless. All he did was take a few deep glances at Michelle.
He had figured out Michelle’s nasty idea in just a few seconds, she was just using him
to reject the pester of another man. It was just that the other party was actually her
fiancé, it was a little unexpected. However, he didn’t mind helping her out this one time
since they were quite congenial.
Just then, Evan was about to leave the villa, he wished dearly he could just meet Scott
right now.
Furthermore, this was something that he must tell him face to face. It would
be even better if he could record every single bit of this too.
“Hold on!” Michelle called out to Evan. She still remembered that Alex mentioned a test
How could she let him go when the test had not even started?
“Is there anything else? Could it be that you want me to take a lovey dovey picture of
the two of you as proof?”
Evan chuckled as he said. He looked especially goofy when
his chuckle was paired with his bleeding nose.
“Do you think I’d let you go this easily after stalking me? Since when have I, Michelle
Yowell, become so generous?” The trait of the little devil in Michelle was completely
unleashed after leaving Yowell Manor.
“What do you want then?”
“Fight me. If you win, you get to leave.”
“Haha!” Evan cackled and shook his head as he said, “Michelle, I have to admit, you’re
a feisty one!”
As he was saying this, he took a glance at her prideful areas.
In reality, Evan was very attracted to Michelle’s prideful areas. He wished dearly that he
could toy with them for ten years. How could he do such an unscrupulous thing when
she was Scott’s fiancé?
However, things were different now. She had cheated on Scott and she wouldn’t be
considered as his sister-in-law anymore, so he could do anything he wanted to her!
“It’s just that you successfully ambushed me just now. Do you really think you could win
against me? Don’t you forget that you used to be defeated by me.”
“Oh you sissy, just cut the bullsh*t.”
Evan was enraged. “Alright, I’ll fight you!”
Soon, the two rushed to the courtyard and fought with all their might. Since both of them
were Advanced-Royal ranked fighters, the whole courtyard would surely be destroyed.
After taking a look, Alex frowned. Then, he sat down on a chair and said casually, “The
loser will pay for the maintenance cost of my courtyard.”
As soon as his voice just fell, Michelle punched Evan hard in the face, causing him to
immediately spit blood. Two of his teeth were knocked out as well. His whole body fell to
the ground.
“How is this possible? How did you improve so fast?”
Michelle placed her hands on her hips. “That’s because I have… I have the nourishment
of love. A sissy like you won’t be able to understand this. You can just find a man
yourself. Oh right, since you follow Scott around all the time, do you have a crush on
him? Then, I wish you two… Give birth to a son too.”
Evan spat another mouthful of blood. “Fine, I’ll admit defeat today. I’ll win next time. ”
With that, he turned around to leave.
“Did I say you could go just like that?” Alex asked softly.
“F*ck, you ’re just a damn lover boy. Do you think you have what it takes to talk to me?
You better cherish your remaining time in this world. You actually dared to sleep with
Scott Pattingson’s fiancé, your demise won’t be far away.” Evan had a look of disdain as
he spat a bloody sputum at Alex.
Alex, who was initially sitting on the chair, suddenly disappeared. In the next moment, a
hard slap landed on Evan’s face


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