The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 366

Evan was sent flying. He tumbled back slightly and spat out several more teeth as he
landed on the ground.
He was appalled, he couldn’t even bring himself to speak, all he could do was stare at
“Hey sissy, are you an idiot?”
“You can’t even beat me, and yet you’re challenging my man?”
Evan wanted to cry, he really didn’t notice that Alex was a skilled fighter too.
“Pay me thirty million for destroying my garden and for spitting on me. Only then you
may leave,” Alex said calmly.
“What? How could your shabby garden cost thirty million?” Evan stared in disbelief.
“Your whole damn villa wouldn’t even cost thirty million!”
“Fifty million.”
Evan widened his eyes. “What? Fifty million? How could you increase it by twenty
million just like that? I don’t have the money, you can take my life if you want.”
Alex shook his head. “I don’t want your life, but I can take something away from you.”
Just then, he patted Evan on the shoulder gently.
In just the bat of an eye, Evan felt his
whole body go numb, he couldn’t move at all.
“Michelle, make him infertile!”
The little devil was overjoyed. She immediately took a knife from the kitchen and
chuckled lightly. “This is my favourite thing to do in the world. Hey sissy, don’t you want
to be a woman?
I’m granting your wish now! Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to pay me a
surgical fee.”
Looking at the sharp knife, Evan screamed in fear. He had ahnost pissed his pants just
from this. He knew that Michelle would dare to do such a thing, her title as the Little
Devil was no lie.
“Fine! I’ll pay! Fifty million, right? I’ll have someone transfer the money now!”
To ensure a blissful future, Evan could only obey Alex’s orders. He regretted coming to
this villa alone.
‘What luck!’
Evan didn’t have that much money on him. But he did own a company. He immediately
called them to transfer the money to Alex.
“Mr. Laws, the company’s liquidity is quite limited. If you were to use fifty million all of a
sudden, it would be harder to operate the company in the future.”
“It’s to save a life, goddamn it. Who cares about operating? just do it now or else I’ll
have you fired!”
“Yes, Mr. Laws. I’ll transfer the money right now.”
Alex’s phone chimed-the fifty million had been transferred to his bank account.
Alex waved towards Evan. “You may go now. You’re welcome to destroy my garden any
Evan gloomily rushed off, insulting Alex’s whole bloodline in his mind. He then
murmured under his breath.
“As if you’re going to get any more money out of me. I
wouldn’t come even if you picked me up with a horse and a carriage.”
Alex, however, was also deep in thought.
‘Mom’s research in Michigan couldn’t earn this much that easily, right?’
‘If I were to earn money this way, 1 would easily become the richest man in California.’
Half an hour later, Evan met up with Scott. His face was swollen with bruises.
“Boss, you were really cheated on. Listen to this recording!”
Evan had secretly recorded their conversation behind their backs.
Michelle’s voice could be heard clearly as the recording played.
“I have indeed cheated
on him. I’m also pregnant with his child. I’m the only one who can choose who I want to
Scott was enraged, he punched hard on one of the pillars in the Yowell manor. It
shattered and brought down that part of the building.


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