The Pinnacle of Life Chapter 367

“What happened? What was that?”
“Was that an earthquake? Is anyone stuck in there?”
The Yowells rushed over as soon as they heard the loud crash. Colin was the first to
arrive at the scene.
One of the Yowells said, “I think Mr. Pattingson is in there. Mr. Laws is with him too.”
Colin froze.
Just then, two men covered in ashes crawled out of the shattered building. It was Scott
and Evan. The two kept coughing, leaving a trail of ashes behind them as they moved
Colin rushed over. “Scott, are you okay? How did a perfectly built house suddenly come
crashing down? That’s so weird, but thank god you’re okay.”
Scott immediately punched Colin in the gut.
As an Intermediate-Mystic ranked fighter, punching Colin was like punching a child. With
just one punch, he was able to send Colin flying.
Colin vomited blood mid air, looking back at Scott with pure fear after he fell to the
It was obvious that he had injured his internal organs. “Scott… Why did you…?” Colin
didn’t expect to be attacked at all, he had no idea what was happening.
He then vomited another mouthful of blood. The whole Yowell family was shocked as
‘Why did Mr. Pattingson punch his brother-in-law? Does he not want his wife anymore?’
Just then, Keith rushed over to the scene as well.
Scanning his surroundings, he
furrowed his eyebrows and said coldly, “Scott, why did you beat up Colin out of
nowhere? He’s your future brother-in-law for god’s sake. What happened for you to
become so violent?”
“What happened?”
Scott’s gaze was chilling as he scanned every Yowell present at the scene. He walked
out of the mess and approached Keith. “Why don’t you ask your dear little
granddaughter? You Yowells are lucky that I, Scott Pattingson, would want to marry
someone from your family. Yet you took it for granted. Don’t you dare look down on me,
you old hag. You’re nothing to me.”
Evan, who had just crawled out of the collapsed building was appalled as well.
He was still recording Scott’s reaction on his phone at this very moment. He initially just
wanted to see how Scott would react from being cheated on, he wanted to make fun of
him. However, he didn’t expect him to just snap.
Not only did he punch his future brother-in-law, he insulted the old Lord Yowell harshly
‘Is he trying to challenge the Yowells?’
Thinking about this, Evan couldn’t help but tremble from excitement.
‘Boss is such a boss! He’s amazing!’
“Scott, what do you mean? Could this be a misunderstanding?” Keith started to panic,
he knew something was about to go down if he didn’t do anything.
However, Scott just slapped Keith right across the face without saying a word.
Everyone froze, their bodies trembled in fear. No one expected Scott to be so hold to
slap Lord Yowell without hesitation.
Knowing that Keith was old and only had five years left to live, everyone was enraged to
see him endure such humiliation. They lunged towards Scott, surrounding him.
Scott, however, didn’t even bother to look them in the eye. “I’m not trying to insult any of
you, but all of you are just mere trash, even with your strengths combined!
Don’t you
blame me for this, old hag. You only have your granddaughter to blame, she’s the one
who’s slutting around another man. She even ended up pregnant with his child.
Remember this, I, Scott Pattingson, am not someone you could afford to humiliate. Be
prepared to vanish from the surface of this earth, Yowells.”
Keith’s body started trembling, color drained from his face.
“Scott, Scott! Listen to me, I know my granddaughter well, this must be a
“Evan, play the recording, so that they rest in peace.”
Evan immediately replayed the recording.
Keith’s jaw dropped in horror and everyone else was frozen in fear.


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